5 Excellent Natural Cures For Abrasions


Abrasions are such that they are supposed to appear when the specific skin is rubbed to the floor. It could be due to sports injury; or working on laptop, sitting on mat or mattresses for long time may also create skin rashes or abrasions. Even, it can occur due to adventurous sports such as kayaking or trekking might also create skin rashes. Therefore, it is better to understand the causes for abrasions and better to be careful from such rashes and remain safe.

Unlike other minor burns and injuries, abrasions are terrific pains which are found in red or sometimes in black colour. It will not become terrific, until it is treated during the initial stage. If treatment is not taken at right time, then one can experience severe burning and pain becomes irritating and intolerable. However, you can follow the under mentioned home remedies to get quick relief from abrasions.

Effective Natural Cures For Abrasions

Dettol Soap

Detol Soap

Cleaning wound is the measure part in curing wound. If wound is left un-cleaned, there will be formation of bacteria around the wound and might become septic later. Hence, use some good antiseptic soap, such as dettol, which is good enough in treating abrasions.

Use dettol soap in your regular bath, apply especially on your scrapped or wounded area of your skin, and wash infected skin thoroughly. This will assist in curing abrasions soon.

Wound Dressing Important

Wound Dressing

Wound dressing becomes important to reduce or control this burning pain or itching. The reason is that, if wound is left uncovered, the pain or rashes will increase due to rubbing to the hard surface which causes damage to your skin over and over and your skin becomes too sensitive.

While dressing, you have to make sure to apply good ointment or antiseptic creams and cover your wound with pure cotton and tie proper bandage. This will help to avoid infection and cures the wound soon.

Bioline White Petroleum Jelly

White Petrellum Jelly

Apply Bioline white petroleum jelly on your damaged skin, to cure abrasions with ease. The reason is that, bioline includes all the ingredients to soothe the pain or burns of the skin, it can even remove the scraps, also cures chapped skin as well, and is easily available in all medical shops. Therefore, keep this bioline as your first-aid kit to get quick relief from any burning pain or itching, and treat your damaged skin at home and cure abrasions.

Turmeric Paste

Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is the best and most effective home remedy as it fights against bacteria. You can mix coconut oil with turmeric and sandalwood paste, and apply this mixture on your skin.

This combination of turmeric and sandalwood paste, not just reduces pain and itching, but also textures your skin color. Hence, try this remedy which works tremendously good in curing abrasions.

Ice Pack Magic

Ice Compress

Ice pack is a superb trick to soothe any pain and also reduces itching and swelling. Thus, take a polythene cover, put some ice cubes, rub on the irritating skin and get good relaxation from abrasions.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.