5 Herbal Remedies For Ear Congestion

Ear Congestion
The blockage that occurs in the canal of the ear is known as ear congestion that can be experienced due to sinus problem, dizziness, allergies and even cold. Ear congestion can lead to hearing inability, popping felt inside the ear and the feeling of existence of mucus in the ear.

Change of altitude might result in the feeling of ear congestion because of the change that takes place in the air pressure that is found in the middle of the ear. Ear congestion can be very frustrating and irritating and the best way to get rid of this irritation is by trying out the herbal remedies for ear congestion. The remedies are as follows:

Various Herbal Remedies For Ear Congestion



Garlic possesses anti-microbial properties that are considered to be very helpful in treating ear congestion and other infections of the ear. Individuals who suffer from the problem of ear congestion should make it a point to take at least one clove of garlic on a regular basis in order to combat the problem from its very roots.

Garlic can serve a myriad of advantages no matter how it is taken. Raw garlic can be the best option that can be used by people suffering from ear congestion while garlic can also be taken with tea, dressings and soups.



The anti-inflammatory property of ginger helps in soothing the pain, the irritation and the inflammation that is caused due to ear congestion. Ginger is known as one of the most influential herbal remedies for ear congestion because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Raw ginger is the best to use in healing ear congestion because it renders a warming effect to the body and even acts on the tissues of the ear.



Turmeric is yellow in color and is known to possess anti-inflammatory qualities that are very helpful in healing ear congestion and infections of any type.

Turmeric can also be used raw but commonly it’s used in curries. Turmeric can also be added to soups, casseroles and teas to get the effect and the soothing touch that can heal ear infections of any kind.

Mullein oil

Mullein Oil

Mullein oil drops can relieve pain that is caused due to ear congestion. This oil can be used by an individual on a regular basis and after every three to four hours during the day. Apart from mullein oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil can also be used to get the relief that is required from ear congestion.


Cayne Pepper

Cayenne can be used as an excellent herb that can help in reducing the pain, the inflammation and the rash that is caused due to ear congestion. This is one herb that helps in dealing with the problem of ear congestion very effectively and is found to work wonders if used on a regular basis.

Original cayenne works as a great healer for ear congestion and is therefore regarded as one of the most useful herbal remedies for ear congestion. This remedy is not only beneficial for ear congestion but at the same time it regulates the occurrence of such ear congestions that can be very irritating for people.

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