6 Warning Signs That You Are Suffering From A Lung Disease

Warning Signs That You Are Suffering From A Lung Disease

One of the most important organs that have a regular interaction with the outside world is probably the respiratory system – Our Lungs to be more specific. From our birth, it works non-stop to get the life furnishing oxygen into our systems and exhales out the harmful carbon monoxide from our bodies. Lots of efforts are put in by your lungs to achieve this, but we rarely notice this and many a time we even fail to detect that we are breathing as a part of the life. Naturally, since the organ has utmost interaction with the outside world, it is extremely sensitive and is prone to ailments. The trouble with the lungs is that any ailment or misgiving is associated with a coughing bout and we tend to ignore a cough with a lethargic attitude many times. This often masks the symptoms in many cases. Worldwide one in every five individual is affected by a lung disease and the reactions are severe than we have imagined earlier. It aggravates more due to external factors such smoking, pollution, smog etc. It also leads to a host of infections and complaints such as asthma, tuberculosis, and bronchitis. Lung diseases are much more common than we have imagined and we should have a clear idea about their signs and common symptoms which they send out. We have a list of some of the early indications of a lung infection or disease and it would be munificent to have them in mind.

Some Warning Signs That You Are Suffering From A Lung Disease:

1. Persistent Cough

This can be termed as a primary indication that something is not in favor with your lungs. You generally cough when you need to get rid of an irritant that blocks the nasal cavity. Coughing occasionally is fine. But however, if the same cough is persistent and doesn’t let go even after you take up medications then it is a warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored. Also, check out that if you experience any pain in your chest and shoulders while you cough. These can have long term impact on your health and it would be wise to consult a doctor if the cough doesn’t heed.

Persistent Cough

2. Troubled Breathing

Your breathing can tend to get abnormal when you are putting an effort to do a heavy work. This is normal. However, if you experience the same signs even when you are in the middle of your daily routine activities, then it is a cause for concern. Breath shortage and troubled breathing can signify that your lungs do not work towards their full potential and there could be some kind of blockage affecting the airway. If you are experiencing these bouts frequently, then it is time to get a consultation with your doctor. These short breath signs should never be taken lightly.

Troubled Breathing

3. Wheezing

Wheezing occurs when your airways become too narrowed down and your lungs need to make an extra effort to get a breath of fresh air. Also, due to the narrowed down path, the air does not flow in or out freely and does a wheezing sound while you breathe. They can also indicate serious cases of asthma and in some rare cases may even signify lung cancer. Wheezing bouts can have a tremendous impact on your health and any signs of it should be given the due medical care it deserves.


4. Heavy Mucus

We associate mucus as a sticky, smelly and unworthy output of body but in many ways, mucus is beneficial to us. They trap the germs and bacteria and restrict them from getting inside our system. Coughing is usually associated with mucus which is normal. However, do watch out for excess mucus production by the respiratory system. If you feel heaviness in your nose, or if you notice a change of color in the mucus, then get medical attention immediately. The color change may occur when blood gets mixed with the mucus. Take a complete diagnosis of your lungs under such circumstances.

Heavy Mucus

5. Troubled Sleep

A good lungful of fresh air is always required for a sense of relaxation and to catch a restful wink. When your lungs are troubled, you will be unknowingly having difficulty in your sleep. This may tend to make you restless or disturbed when you sleep. More often than once it might even affect your sleep patterns and in severe cases, you might be experiencing shortness of breath when you lie down. Also, check out your sleep position. If you are uncomfortable when you lie down and when you feel relaxed only in a slanting position or in a chair, then these are indications that not everything is fine with your lungs. Consult a doctor in those circumstances immediately.

 Troubled Sleep

6. Swelling In Legs

Though this is not exactly a symptom and swelling in legs can be due to a variety of reasons, the inflammation in some cases can be directly linked to lung problems. Lack of breath can deny your body the oxygen it needs for proper functioning. This, in turn, causes swelling in certain regions and since your legs carry the entire weight of your body, they are affected the most. Also, the pumping of the blood may not be robust and this cause fluid to flare up in liver and kidneys – resulting in the swelling. Though swelling signs are taken up lightly, these types of indications should never be. Consult your doctor immediately as it could undermine a serious lung damage.

Swelling In Legs

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