7 Incredible Home Remedies For Getting Away With Make-Up Allergy!

Home Remedies For Getting Away With Make-Up Allergy

Getting affected by this common issue known a make-up allergy is usually a talk of the town issue these days. Women being an epitome of beauty always wish to compliment well the surroundings and hence loves to wear make-up as a part of their beauty regime. But at times, you may have observed that due to either the adverse pollutants present in the air or it’s because of not so good quality make up products used on the sin, you may become prey to the skin impairment commonly referred to as Make-up allergy.

Some of the potent symptoms of make-up allergy includes itchiness on skin, appearance of blisters red patch marks or even the emergence of rashes on your skin. It is hence in this context always advisable that one should always opt for wearing a high quality and branded make-up or cosmetic products when it comes to applying on your sensitive skin. There are innumerable home remedies by following which you can easily get away with this make-up allergy but don’t forget to avoid using these cosmetic beauty products on your skin until you re-encapsulates your smooth and fine looking skin back.

Here Are Some Incredible Home Remedies For Getting Away With Make-Up Allergy:

1. Usage Of Oatmeal Face Pack:

One of the most prominent solution for getting away with make-up allergy is the usage of oatmeal face pack. A recent study has also come up with this conclusion that oatmeal being a potent source of anti-inflammatory properties not only brings a soothing effect to your inflamed skin caused due to make-up allergy but will also deep-cleans and nourishes your skin and makes it free of all the accumulated dust and polluted particles, which otherwise gets settled on your skin.

To prepare this outstanding face pack, just take 2 teaspoons of oatmeal powder and mix it altogether with rose-water. Then with the help of a soft brush, apply this pack on your inflamed skin and sit relax to experience its soothing effect on the impaired skin.

Oatmeal Face Pack

2. Usage Of Honey On Your Skin:

This is another most amazing and natural home remedy that you can follow significantly to get away with the make-up allergy in an incredible manner at large. enriched with a lot of anti-oxidative and anti-bacterial properties it will not only repair your damaged skin but will also goes a long way in safeguarding your skin against all the environmental odds including the mergence of acne or other allergic symptoms. Alongside, it will also offers a sound nourishment to your skin in a commendable manner at large.

To apply a honey pack on your skin, just clean your face and then with the help of a soft cotton wool apply or dab the honey all over your face and then wash it off after 10-15 minutes with a luke-warm water.


3. Application Of ACV On Your Face:

ACV, which is also referred to as Apple Cider Vinegar is another optimum home remedy that one follows to get away with the ill-effects of make-up allergy. Acv being a potent source of various anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative properties not only brings about a soothing effect t your impaired and inflamed skin but will also boost up the fast repair of your skin in an incredible manner.

To use ACV on your skin, just dilute one –part of ACV with two parts of water and then using a cotton wool, dab this solution on your face for a calming effect at large.

apple cider vinegar

4. Aim For Paste Of Baking Soda:

What to say about this amazing home remedy that aids you in getting away with the make-up allergy. A recent study has also revealed this fact that, Baking soda, which is also referred to as Sodium Bi-carbonate aids in neutralizing the chemical reaction or the acidic effects incurred on your skin by the chemical rich make up products and hence resulting in make-up allergy at large.

To use baking soda paste optimally on your inflamed skin, just combine half-teaspoon of baking soda along with three-times the quantity of baking soda and then mix it well in the form of a thick paste. Next, apply this paste on the inflamed skin resulting due to make-up allergy. Let it be on for about 2-3 minutes and then wipe it off with soft cotton tissue.

Baking Soda

5. Application Of Aloe-Vera Gel:

This is another most promising natural ingredient whose application commendably soothes the inflamed skin resulting due to make-up allergy. As, it is enriched with a lot of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that goes a long way in offering a sound therapeutic measure to the skin rashes and itching skin at large.

To use this home remedy for getting away with make-up allergy, just take a fresh aloe-Vera leaflet and extract it pulp. Then, apply this pulp directly on your inflamed skin and massage it generously on your skin for about 5-10 minutes. For optimum benefits, just try to use this home remedy regularly and prefer to make it a part of your skin care regime.

 Aloe-Vera Gel

6. Application Of Green Tea Extract:

Till now, you might have heard a lot about the health benefits of consumption of Green Tea. But I am sure, you will be amazed to know how incredible is this ingredient in bringing about a therapeutic effect to your inflamed and allergic skin at large. Moreover, it is enriched with a lot of anti-oxidative properties whose application will not only refreshes up your inflamed skin but will also commendably assists in revitalizing the lost glam of your facial skin, resulting due to chemical based cosmetic products applied on your skin.

To optimally use this home remedy, boil a bag of green tea in a container and let it cool for a while. After this, transfer the entire contents in a glass bottle and the refrigerate it, next, at the time of application just dap a soft cotton wool in this green tea extract and then apply it generously on the allergic portion of your skin. For optimum results try to use this effective home remedy, on routine basis at least for a week and then see how drastically it will overcome the allergic symptoms in a commendable manner at large.

Green Tea Extract

7. Aim For Olive Oil:

Olive oil is basically a moisture enriched ingredient that is potently supplemented with anti-oxidative features along with Vitamin E extracts, which goes a long way in healing the inflammation caused due to allergy and other adverse pollutants attacking your skin.

To use it as a home remedy, just amalgamate about 2 teaspoons of olive oil along with 1 teaspoon of honey and then apply this serum directly on your clean face and see how it works wonders in controlling the itching and rashes caused on your inflamed skin at large.

Olive Oil

So, guys do try the above enlisted home remedies for getting away with the make-up allergy in a commendable manner at large.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.