8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Consuming Dates

8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Consuming Dates

Dates are the most popular dried fruits with delicious taste. Because of this reason, dates are popularly known as the “crown of sweets”. If you are trying for a balanced diet, you must prefer to include this dried fruit in your diet plan. When speaking about food value of dates we should note that dates are low in fat, cholesterol and fat and rich in dietary fiber. It is a good source of vital nutrients like Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Sulphur and Copper, Vitamin B6, and folic acids. This amazing dry fruit is a good source of natural sugars known as fructose and glucose which are far better than cane sugar. Dates are rich source of vitality and instant energy.Therapeutic Properties Are Rich In Dates. Hence, Dates Provide Great Benefit To Your Health In Many Ways.

Here Are The Seven Amazing Benefits Of Consuming Dates:

1. Boosts Heart Health:

Dates are highly effective in strengthening the performance of weak hearts. For grabbing this benefit, a date is to be soaked in the water overnight and then it should be consumed in the following morning. In taking of dates for twice a week is said to boost heart health [1].

Boosts Heart Health

2. Relieves Constipation:

Soluble fiber content is rich in dates. Hence, dates are regarded as the rich source of dietary fiber. This quality of dates helps in fighting constipation. Fiber is capable of holding water and thereby softens the stool. In addition, fiber adds weight and makes the stool bulky. Thus, bowel movements are regulated in a natural way. Hence, by consuming recommended amount of dates on a daily basis, one can easily get rid of constipation. For improving the condition, you need to soak dates overnight in water and consume in the next morning [2].

Relieves Constipation

3. Curbs Acidity:

Consumption of dates helps in curbing acidity in a natural way without any side effects. Because, dates leave an alkaline residue immediately after digestion happens. When you experience acidity, you need to consume dates on an empty stomach in the morning. This process helps to soothe the condition [3].

Curbs Acidity

4. Lowers Cholesterol Levels:

Cholesterol levels are to be regulated to avoid various health risks. We can achieve this with the help of dates. Consumption of dates helps in excreting excess cholesterol from our body. Hence, dates are known to be good food for normalizing the levels of cholesterol in our body [4].

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

5. Manages Anemia:

Folic acid and iron content are abundant in dates. These two play a vital role in curbing anemia. Because of this reason, consumption of dates helps in improving the condition of anemia. These compounds in dates help in improving the hemoglobin content of the body. Hence, dates are mostly recommended for the people with anemia [5].

Manages Anemia

6. Heals Intestinal Disorders:

Consumption of dates helps in healing intestinal problems. Nicotine, which is said to be helpful for intestine is rich in dates. Due to this reason, dates help in managing intestine disorders. In addition, dates help in facilitating the growth of helpful bacteria inside the intestine and control the spread of harmful bacteria [6].

Heals Intestinal Disorders

7. Manages Stomach Cancer:

Consumption of dates is effective in managing the condition of certain cancers. Dates are rich in anti-cancer properties. Hence, dates are effective in managing stomach cancer. Dates are good source of energy. Also, dates are easily digested. Rich in anti-oxidants, consumption of dates help in curbing damage from free radicals. Because of this, dates are able to find with the compounds that trigger cancer [7].

Manages Stomach Cancer

8. Good for Liver Health:

Dates are good for liver health. Medicinal properties of dates help in improving the health of your liver. This dry fruit is easily digested. In addition, dates are low in cholesterol and fat. All these qualities of dates make it as a good choice for boosting liver health [8].
Good for Liver Health

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