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Causes and Symptoms:
Obesity or corpulence is a condition of the body characterized by over-accumulation of fat under the skin and around certain of the internal organs. While the state of health differs from person to person, other things being equal, the father a person is, the slower he will be. In some cases fat persons are slow of wit. Doctors and actuaries have calculated the weight that a person of a particular height should have and anybody having a weight much above the average is likely to be unhealthy and would have a lower life expectancy. Insurance companies hesitate, and in some cases refuse, to insure the lives of people who are too fat. It has been proved from experience that the obese have a grater chance of dying early than those of average weight. Recorded cases exist where extremely overweight people did not live beyond their thirties, some of them passing away even before they entered middle age.

Corpulence is ascribed to many causes. It may be due to the disturbances of some of the endocrine glands, like the thyroid, pituitary and sex glands. In some families obesity is transmitted from one generation to the other, but in most cases it is the direct result of a life of ease and over-eating. A luxurious inactive or sedentary life is a well-recognized predisposing cause. The more immediate cause is over feeding and excess of liquor. The indulgence is food beyond what is required to repair the daily waste goes towards the increase of fat. Those addicted to liquor are particularly affected if they eat a normal diet since what is not generally realized is that alcohol meets the immediate energy needs of the body and the food that is eaten is deposited in the form of fat. Particularly guilty in this respect is to intake of fatty, sugary and starchy foods. Alcoholic liquors, particularly beer, contain sugar and contribute to the deposition of fat on the body.
Women are more prone to obesity, particularly after childbirth. In our country, this is especially true because the new mother is fed on fatty and starchy foods under the impression that the blood loss attendant on delivery must be made up by extra rich diet.
Health cannot be long maintained under excessive obesity, for the increase in the bulk of the body, rendering exercise more difficult, leads to tension and defective nutrition of the muscle, while the accumulations of fat in the chest hinders the functions of the various organs of the body. The mental activity of the corpulent tends to be impaired, although there have been exceptions to this rule.
The obese succumb much more readily to serious diseases like diabetes, gallstone, arterial disease, high blood pressure and varicose veins. Life insurance statistics how show that an increase of 25 pounds above standard weight reduce the life expectancy of a man of 45 by 25 per cent.
Nature gave men a balanced body, but way wrong food habits some of us tend make cartoons of ourselves. There being a weight-energy ratio, the more obese a person is, the more energy his body consumes merely to maintain itself and the sum of energy left for other activities is proportionately reduced. You would notice that those who live by manual labour seldom suffer from corpulence: it is the leisured class, with nothing much to do but too much to eat who become fat.
Corpulence is like constipation; just as waste accumulates in the gut, matter, which should have been thrown out of the body, tends to gather in the form of fat on the various organs. Skin being stretchable, fat accumulates in layers upon layers under the epidermis.
One would agree that not to become fat is better than reducing when you have attained a certain degree of corpulence. One would not have become obese if he had attended to his food habits and had taken exercise. The battle against obesity has, therefore, to be fought with courage and fortitude. Weight could be reduced by fasting in a limited time but that is not advisable. Sudden and total fasting may help the poison accumulated in the body to attack it. Fasting has to be gradual and controlled. The best course is to make fruits and boiled vegetables the main stay of your diet. A diet of fruits and vegetables will give you the vitamins and mineral salts for the sustenance of life, but would tend to reduce the amount of fat that has already been accumulating. The other method of reducing the fat is accumulating. The other method of reducing the fat is vigorous exercise. Foods tending towards acidity like meat, fish eggs, refined flour, lentils, fats polished rice should be totally banned in the case of obesity. Whatever the patient eats should be bland, because seasoning and condiments tend to make the food more palatable increasing the danger of overeating. The fruits recommended are oranges, pineapples, raspberry, tomatoes, apples, pears papaya, muskmelon and melon, in that order. The vegetables should be greens of all type, cucumber gourds, etc. tuberous edibles should be avoided. Only carrot may be taken with advantage.
Home remedy for obesity - After a fortnight of the diet prescribed above, the patient can be allowed to take whole meal, bread, a part of butter and milk. The first thing in the morning that the corpulent should take is a glass of water to which a lime has been added. Salads should be permitted provided that salad oil or eggs have not been added. The best reducing agent in the present author’s experience has been the juice of cucumber, gourd and tomatoes to which a lime and a spoonful of honey has been added. It between meals, snacks should consist of cucumber and tomatoes in any quantity. This is the best diet for obesity.
If the above regimen is adopted the weight will start going down, but the patient should not lose heart if the progress is slow in the beginning. A speedy reduction of weight is possible by vigorous exercise coupled with inadequate diet, but that might prove harmful to the general health of the patient. The best exercise I would recommend is skipping the rope, and other exercise which strains the muscles can be undertaken with advantage.
A hipbath for 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and evening along with the diet for obestiy and the exercise recommended would speed up the process of losing fat. Mudpacks can also help, as can sunbathing for long enough to produce a sweat. Stem baths for the purposes of reducing corpulence are not recommended by any knowledge naturopath since the benefit is not permanent and too much of exposure to steam is likely to harm the nerve ends under your skin.
Home remedies for obesity - The best season to start slimming in India and other tropical conditions is the summer when a large variety of stress help in the reduction of fat in the body. The appetite is reduced because heat makes you thirsty all the time. You take a little bit of food and are eager to slake your thirst. And then it is during summers that the body has a natural tendency to shed fat.
Some slimming exercises are recommended below: it would be. Sit up with a jerk. Stand on your knees touch other. Now tense your muscles and move your neck as back as you can and resume the former position. Sit on the stool again and repeat the process as many times as you can. Continue it till you feel tired. Do it 50 to 100 times if you want real benefit. Relax your body after each time that you get up and move your neck and shoulders back. Sit with your buttocks on the edge of low-slung stool. Extend your legs as far they will go and keep your hands on the rear end of the stool for support. Then stand up with a jerk, inhaling deeply in the process. And then resume your position. This is one of the efficient natural remedy for obesity.

Try taking your shoulders back with a jerk as you sit down. That will strengthen your spinal column. This is one of the effective obesity treatment.
Try skipping a rope for as long as you can. It helps in keeping the fat down. Remember that the boxes do it every day to increases their stamina. This is one of the simplest obesity remedy.
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