5 Best Natural Cures For Gastroparesis


Delayed emptying of the stomach is called gastroparesis. Damage to the vagus nerve, the nerve that regulates the movements of the stomach muscles is primarily responsible for this health disorder. The vagus nerve can be damaged by diabetes, stomach or small intestine surgery.

Gastroparesis cannot be reversed. Treatment includes nutritional changes that help to alleviate the symptoms of gastroparesis. Natural treatment can improve digestion and treat common symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

Tips for Treating Gastroparesis Naturally

Dietary Intervention

Dietary For Gastroparesis

Modifying the diet is the most important natural treatment for gastroparesis. The goal of a gastroparesis diet is consuming foods that do not delay digestion. Consuming easily digestible foods helps to ease movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine. Foods that are easily digested include well-cooked or pureed low fiber vegetables and fruits. Simple carbohydrates are digested easily than complex carbohydrates present in whole grain products. Instead of eating fiber rich fruits, drink fruit juices. Avoid raw fruits and vegetables.Fatty foods are not suitable for people with gastroparesis. By delaying digestion, fatty foods can worsen the symptoms of gastroparesis. A watery diet is appropriate for people suffering from gastroparesis. Digestion can be eased by thoroughly chewing the foods.

A typical diet for reducing your gastroparesis symptoms contains carbohydrates obtained from cereals, crackers, breads, cooked or pureed fruits and vegetables; proteins and essential fats obtained from milk products, pureed or ground lean meat and fish. If needed, the cooked or pureed vegetables and fruits should be strained to remove the fibers. Milk products such as yogurt and milkshakes are usually well tolerated by gastroparesis patients.As people with gastroparesis feel full after eating a small amount of food, instead of eating three large meals, breaking the large meals into six small meals helps to meet the daily calorie requirement without causing digestion problems. Drink water while eating or include soups and beverages in your diet to facilitate transportation of food through the stomach.To ease digestion, do not lie down at least for two hours after a meal. Mild physical activities such as walking after a meal help to improve digestion.

Eat Ginger

Eat Ginger For Gastroparesis

In traditional Chinese medication, ginger is used as a natural treatment for gastroparesis. Ginger helps to stimulate gastric emptying. Moreover, the antiemetic effect of ginger helps to reduce nausea and vomiting, the common symptoms of gastroparesis. Drinking ginger tea or ginger juice improves digestion and provides relief from the gastroparesis symptoms.


Acupuncture For Gastroparesis

Acupuncture is a popular option for treating gastroparesis naturally. According to the traditional Chinese medicine system, obstruction in the flow of vital energy through the body causes diseases.

Acupuncture involves inserting needles in specific acupuncture points to remove obstacles from the pathway of energy circulation. Applying acupuncture on the P6 point reduces nausea and improves gastric emptying.

Visceral Manipulation Massage

Visceral Manipulation Massage For Gastroparesis

Visceral manipulation massage helps to improve gastric emptying by removing stress from the stomach muscles and improving mobility and functioning of the stomach muscles.This massage technique involves application of soft forces to improve mobility of the stomach muscles.

Psychological Measures

Psychological Measures For Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis patients are susceptible to stress, depression and anxiety. Psychological problems tend to worsen gastroparesis. Hypnosis and biofeedback are common options for improving gastric emptying by reducing stress.


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