Beware Of The Dangers Of Mega Vitamins

dangers of mega vitaminsVitamins are essential for your body so that you can stay healthy and perform various functions effectively. As the name suggests mega vitamins have huge doses of vitamins that are way too high in comparison to the required dosage.

But if you are consuming more than what you really need, then it would cause unwanted problems in your body as using these vitamins everyday are not encouraged by any health boards or doctors.

This is because too much vitamins would harm your body and  they can lead to multiple problems in major organs of your body. Read this article to know more about the dangers of mega vitamins in order that you can stay away from them and can maintain a healthy life.

Dangers Of Mega Vitamins

High Toxicity

This is one of the dangers of mega vitamins, which is caused by these vitamins, even if you consume them for a short period of time. High doses of all vitamins can be extremely harmful for your body as they can increase the toxicity.

Stomach pain

There are lots of vitamins that are not used by your body. As a result, these unused mega vitamins lead to digestive problems, formation of gas, diarrhea as well as stomach problems. The vitamin molecules that are fat soluble in nature form toxic matter and disturb the balance of the human body.

Diplopia Or Double Vision

This condition is the result of over consumption of mega vitamins. This condition of double vision would make you see two images that might be overlapped. This vision anomaly is a common sign among the males, who use to consume a lot of mega vitamins in their early stages of life.

Pain At Various Parts Of The Body

This is a popular side effect of mega vitamins as it has 300 mg of ascorbic acid, which is also called vitamin C. This is 500% more than what you require every day. These vitamins trigger acute pain in various parts of the body, such as joints in the arm, leg and you also feel pain at the time of passing urine.

Body aches, joint pain

There will be acute pain in your back on the left, right or at the lower back, which will make it uneasy for you to stand, sit or walk properly. Discontinue the vitamins and seek the help of your doctor.

Causes Serious Infections

vitamins with cranberry powder

This is one of the hidden dangers of mega vitamins that you must be aware of. Usually the mega vitamins contain some amount of cranberry powder, which has the efficiency to trigger bladder infections, stomach infections and urinary infections, which would be extremely painful.

Tampers With The Heartbeat

Vitamin D present in the mega vitamin is about 1600 IU, which is 400% excess of regular dosage. It also has 40 grams of green tea extracts. When vitamin D and green tea are consumed together, it induces arrhythmia or irregular heart beat.

This is a serious condition, which is fatal as it can lead to massive heart attack or sudden death. This is a serious danger of mega vitamins that you must be aware of.

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