Caffeine Effects On The Human Body

A cup of coffee wakes you up in the morning, gives better ideas for your work, makes a book worm not to miss his or her night outs and what not. The aroma, smell and fantastic taste of coffee is an ultimate way of nurturing the relationship between a wife and a husband, as endorsed by renowned branded coffee.The world’s richest source of caffeine is a seed of the coffee plant also known as coffee bean and its variety coupled with the method of preparation followed determine caffeine content in coffee.

Well, all these talk about the magical wonders of drinking coffee or eating caffeine chocolates which are no less to make your mouth water. However, truths can never be erased off and here are few facts regarding the consumption of caffeine to its addicts.

Improves Mental Alertness:

People in the early period were habituated to chewing caffeine seeds, barks and leaves to stimulate their moods and also to withdraw fatigue.When caffeine is used as a beverage the chances of overcoming fatigue will be increased by making your mind active. With this reason, many pharmaceutical companies are taking a leap in to manufacturing caffeine tablets that can be targeted at students and for people who become tired by travelling long distances. Another interesting fact to be noted in this context is that, few companies in U.S.A. are selling caffeine strips that can be dissolved and used as any other instant energy drink.

A Major Ingredient To Treat Apnea In Premature Babies:

I am surprised to know that caffeine is used in one out of 10 medicines which are commonly administered to neonatal intensive care units. However, just like a coin which has two sides, the research conducted on animals with caffeine drugs pose a question of reliable side effects of them.

Sleeping And Anxiety Disorders:

Intake of high doses of caffeine can induce a massive disorder in your sleep, sometimes this symptom may require medical attention. Through a research conducted by American Psychological Association, high intake of caffeine on a long term may induce a person to suffer from anxiety disorders, which can be revealed through the behavior and thinking pattern of an individual.

Caffeine Intoxication:

Another cautious message is that of piling up of  impurities in the human body when taken coffee in abnormal quantities. To get cured from intoxication, he or she should undergo dialysis process.

Extreme Overdose Is Harmful To Your Health:

If you are a person of lots of caffeine consumption either in the form of beverages or chocolates, it is time for you to be aware the drastic consequences to your health like depression, lack of concentration, hallucination,  psychosis and sometimes break down of muscle tissues which otherwise is phrased as rhabdomyolysis. Yet another fact hard to digest is that huge doses of caffeine may also result in sudden death.Consumption of caffeine for multiple number of times in a day can be harmful for those having open angle glaucoma and can increase intraocular pressure.

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