Controlling Gouty Arthritis With (Good) Nutrition

3 Nutrition For Controlling Gouty Arthritis

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a physician is that they have to routinely come face to face with patients suffering from health complaints that can easily be controlled or in some case cases, avoided altogether. Instead, these patients go to their doctor, unload their sorry tale of woes and then sit back, assuming an utterly passive role as they wait for their doctor to give them medication or advice how to fix the problem. Ultimately, the patient will come to depend on the doctor entirely, rather than actually trying to take personal responsibility for their own health.

A prime example of this can be plainly seen with gouty arthritis.  Arguably one of the most exquisetely painful types of arthritis around, gouty arthritis can have a significantly detrimental impact on the quality of life of the victim and yet, despite the fear it strikes into the hearts and minds of so many people, it is a health condition that can be easily controlled and avoided. How? By our diet.

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What Will A Doctor Do To Treat Gouty Arthritis

When a patient suffers from gouty arthritis the doctor will typically prescribe painkiller medication such as codeine capsules in order to bring the pain under control. Because gouty arthritis will also cause a considerable amount of inflammation of the affected joint as well, it is quite common for NSAIDs or Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs to be prescribed and used as well. However, both of these can pose a risk to the body and so they will cause gastrointestinal problems further down the line, especially if the medication is abused.

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Controlling Gouty Arthritis With Diet

There are a number of different food items that can be directly used in order to ensure that the pain and inflammation of the condition is brought under control. Cherries are excellent for pain alleviation, as are blueberries. If you want to reduce the inflammation then devil’s claw may sound rather scary, but it is but you will be thinking that it is a gift from the heavens as it provides you with a significant amount of relief from the inflammation.


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