Dangers Of Prenatal Vitamins That Every Pregnant Mother Should Know

Prenatal VitaminsIf you are a pregnant mother, you must not take it for granted that you can start consuming prenatal vitamins during your trimesters. It is essential to know the outcomes of taking such prenatal vitamins as they can be a threat to your health.

Having a malnourished food pattern and popping these prenatal vitamins are highly risky. This is because only a wholesome diet will provide you with all the essential vitamins and nutrients required for your baby and you. There are few dangers of prenatal vitamins which you must know in order to have a healthy pregnancy to term.

Dangers Of Prenatal Vitamins

Presence Of Synthetic Forms Of Vitamins

The prenatal vitamins contain various vitamins in synthetic form and poor quality of minerals and antioxidants. Look out for the cheap forms such as Cyancobalamin which is a low grade form of vitamin B12 that is not liver friendly and calcium carbonate which is tough to be absorbed by your body. These ingredients are not at all useful in any way to you or your baby.

Inadequate Amounts Of Nutrients

Most prenatal vitamins do not contain the required amount of vitamins or minerals in it. The presence of various vitamins and minerals are just a fraction of what a pregnant mother needs. Without enough nutrients from these prenatal vitamins, you will not have enough strength to carry out your routine tasks.

Inadequate Amounts Of Nutrients

The best example is a prenatal vitamin tablet would have folic acid of 400 mcg while in reality, a carrying mom needs more than 800 mcg per day to aid in the development of the fetus and the well being of the mother.

Covered In Wax

Most of the prenatal vitamin tablets available today are compressed and covered in wax. A special wax named carnauba wax is used for this purpose.

Covered In Wax prenatal vitamins

This wax is usually used for waxing the cars and nose tips of flights. This makes it difficult to digest and hence the vitamins would not get digested easily. This is high risk condition during pregnancy and is considered as dangers of prenatal vitamins.

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Chances Of Lead Poisoning

One major disadvantage of prenatal vitamins is that they are very low in omega 3 fatty acids that are responsible for proper growth of the your baby’s nervous system, cells, skin, eyes and brain.

lead poisoning in prematal vitamins

Also the tablets do not contain the required quantity of DHA and EPA oils and also do not contain certification of any health board. This means that they are not certified to be free from metals such as mercury, aluminum, PCBs, cadmium and lead. So this is a high risk and is one of the major dangers of prenatal vitamins.

Calcium And Iron Blend Is Risky

Usually your doctor would advise you to consume iron and calcium tablets separately as they have different ability to be absorbed by the body. But the prenatal vitamins would usually have iron and calcium in a combined form which will not be absorbed by your body. So it will not benefit your baby or you and your baby will not get enough amount of iron or calcium which is essential for formation of bones.

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