Ear Ache Pain Caused by Infection

Ear Ache Pain

Outer Ear Infection

An earache can be the result of an outer ear infection which is sometimes called “swimmer’s ear”.  The delicate skin of the outer ear can be damaged by improperly cleaning the ear with metal objects like bobby pins or even cotton-tipped swabs.The resulting infection can end with earache pain.  A fungal infection after swimming in unsafe water will also cause swimmers ear.

vinegar with one part rubbing alcohol

To help fight this infection and allow the skin to heal, mix one part white vinegar with one part rubbing alcohol.  Tilt the head and fill the ear canal with this mixture.  Allow the liquid to remain in the ear for at least ten minutes.  Let the mixture drain from the ear.
This treatment can be repeated up to three times a day until the earache pain subsides.  The vinegar and alcohol help to kill the infection and dry out the ear canal. CAUTION:  Never put any liquid in the ear if you have a ruptured ear drum.

Only clean the outer ear

Keep the ears clean and dry using a soft, absorbent towel after swimming or bathing.  To prevent re-infection, use a few drops of mineral oil in each ear before swimming.  Never clean the ears by inserting anything into the ear canal, not even a cotton swab.  Only clean the outer ear.  Deeper cleaning should be done by a medical professional.

warm compress

Use a warm compress on the ear as often as necessary to relieve the earache pain.

Inner Ear Infection

Prevention of colds and infections

A cold or upper respiratory infection might block the Eustachian tube in the ear and earache pain can be the result.  Prevention of colds and infections is the best strategy.Washing hands often and carefully and avoiding exposure to viruses at school or work whenever possible are the top two ways to prevent colds.

Olive Oil

If  the inner ear does become infected, a few drops of warm olive oil can be put into the ear a couple of times a day.  Herbalists recommend using oil of mullein in the ear when there is earache pain.


Heat from a warm compress can be used in addition to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications to combat earache pain.

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