Easy Ways Of Preventing Head Lice Infestations

Preventing head lice can be accomplished by following simple general rules. It is important that everyone in the household follows these guidelines otherwise an infestation may happen.

Head lice need a human head in order to survive. They only thrive and live on humans and do not infest pets or other animals. The insects are transferred from host to host by having one’s head close to an infected person’s head. Transfer can also occur through clothing items. Children are more likely to become infested with lice than adults. Girls have a higher rate of infestations than boys because girls have longer hair. Women are more likely to become infected than men because women typically have more contact with the children.

One of the most important measures that should be used when preventing head lice is to launder any clothes that were shared. Hats, scarves, jackets, hooded sweatshirts and any other clothing items that were lent out should be washed in warm or hot water with laundry detergent before wearing them again. Head lice do not survive long without a human head to live on, but can survive in clothing long enough to transfer from person to person.

Another preventive step is to routinely inspect your children’s head and scalp. Head lice appear as reddish-brown in color after feeding. Nits can be located at the base of the hair closet to the scalp and will appear dark in color for un-hatched nits or clear if the nit already hatched. When children have friends spend the night, they should also be inspected as a precaution. Any bedding should be changed with clean laundered pillow cases, sheets, blankets and other bedding.

Occupations such as a hair stylist should make sure to sterilize all equipment from person to person. You should not put your fingers or hands in your own hair after touching someone else’s without washing them first.

Meticulously combing the hair daily will help to identify if nits are present in the scalp. Even though preventing head lice may result in head lice being discovered, it is important to begin treatment immediately.

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