Exercise to Lose Weight

Changing to eating habits alone to lose weight is a good step in the right direction. However, any diet program should also include some sort of exercise. What happens when our bodies begin to lose weight is the excess fat begins to be used up. However without exercise our muscles also lose tension and become flabby causing the loss of muscle mass. Eventually, we will hit a point where our bodies simply cannot lose any more weight without increasing our metabolism and burning more calories. In order to do this, we must exercise. It is important when on a diet to lose the fat cells and retain our muscle mass.

When most people think about exercise programs, they think of having to lift heavy weights or go to a local health club and run fast on a tread mill or some other strenuous activity. That alone turns most people off from even beginning an exercise program. Fortunately that is not the case and there are several different types of exercise programs that can be done without a costly health club membership.

Walking for about fifteen to twenty minutes at least three times a week can greatly improve our overall health as well as help us lose weight. Because the time needed for this activity is not that long it is easy to schedule in to our busy lives. If you live in a home that has stairs, as an alternative, if the weather outside is not favorable, you can set a timer and walk up and down the stairs for the same amount of time several times a week. Once you are comfortable and find yourself no longer out of breath or having difficulties, you can increase the amount of time or you can add small weights to help add resistance.

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If you have access to a pool, you may decide that swimming is the exercise for you. There are also other activities you can do in the water, such as walking from one end of the pool to the other while carrying weights. Regardless of what activity you decide to do, pick something that fits easily into your schedule, which will not be skipped.

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