Hair Removal Treatments

Hair Removal

Desire to remove excess or off-colored hair begins in adolescence and continues until death. A large percentage of adults, men and women, are intent about having the hairs on the scalp the only visible hairs on the body. Hair removal is the removal of unwanted body hair and the method used to remove it. Hair grows all over the human body during and after puberty. Men grow more body hair then women. Both genders grow hair on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, armpits, pubic region and legs. Men however, grow hair on the face, abdomen, back and chest.

Every hair consists of a shaft, a follicle, a gland and a muscle. Hair growth and shedding is a three phase cycle. The phases are the growth phase, the transitional phase and the resting phase. Hairs spend a variable amount of time in each phase determined by genetics, hormones and area of the body. Hair in growth stage is more likely to be damaged than hair in the resting stage. All factors must be considered when choosing a method for hair removal.


Forms of hair removal are decided by cultural, sexual, medical and religious practices and have been used for many years.  Different forms of hair removal have surfaced practiced by the region lived in or its culture. Methods vary in time periods and economical status. Shaving is the most common method.


Forms of removing the hair include depilation. Depilation refers to shaving and trimming. Chemical depilation refers to applying chemicals to the area that you are removing the hair from. Wiping it off takes the hair with it. Women, the product you buy at the store to remove hair from your legs is a chemical depilatory.


The third form of removal of hair is called epilation which is the total removal of hair, not only from above the skin but also the root and stem under the skin. Epilation can be performed by waxing, sugaring, lasers, plucking with a tweezers or using intense pulsed lighting. Electrology destroys cells responsible for growth. Any chemical or electric methods come with a chance there could medical complications.

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