9 Home Remedies For Hepatitis C

Home Remedies For Hepatitis C

Home Remedies For Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is an extremely contagious disease, which has affected a major portion of the world’s population. In United States alone, there are over 3 million people affected from this disease and the worst part is that many of them are unaware of their condition.

As per the reports from World health Organization, the number of people suffering from Hepatitis C is between 130 and 150 million, and the deaths caused due to this disease are around 350,000 every year, which is a staggering number.

The worst thing about this disease is that, its symptoms are very subtle and you won’t even notice any problem, till the virus has damaged most of your liver cells, in a period of several years.

The disease is caused by a virus, known as Hepatitis C Virus, which spreads easily through blood and serum contact, with the infected person. Therefore, it is always advised to avoid unsafe sex, illicit drugs sharing items of personal use, like, razors.

The medications available for hepatitis C patients are not only costly, but also have many severe side effects. But, there are certain home remedies, which are quite effective, though may be not as much as medications, but do not have such side effects.

Home Based Treatments For Hepatitis C Patients

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

You may not always have to compromise on taste, for recovering from any disease, and the fresh fruits and vegetables are a perfect example for this. They are not only tasty, but also nutritious and good for every person, as they contain many nutrients and have the capability of strengthening body system.

In case of hepatitis C, you should consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of the most effective fruits and vegetables, having the quality to heal human liver are bitter gourd, radish, tomato, and carrots.

Increase The Consumption Of Vegetable Juices 

Increase The Consumption Of Vegetable Juices

Homemade juices from fresh fruits and vegetables are not only good for the health of entire human body, but are also good for the patients, suffering from Hepatitis C.

You can take 1 cup of carrot juice, with another cup of spinach juice, made from fresh carrots and spinach leaves at home, mix them and drink once or twice daily. This would help your immune system and also help in treatment of Cirrhosis caused by Hepatitis C infection.

You can also mix together, the homemade juices of beet, carrot and cucumber, and consume them, on a daily basis, to strengthen your liver and increase its resistance towards HCV.

Schisandra Plant Extract Helps Fight Hepatitis C Virus

Schisandra Plant

Schisandra is a Japanese plant with very prominent anti-viral properties. The extract from this plant may be given to the patients suffering from Hepatitis C.

This Schisandra plant extract has been observed to be very effective against hepatitis C virus and can be given to the patient at home.

Include Fat Free Dairy Products In Your Diet

Include Fat Free Dairy Products In Your Diet

Milk contains Lactoferrin, which has the potential to kill hepatitis C virus and also improve the health of the liver cells. Including moderate amount of fat free dairy products may help you in your fight against hepatitis C.

Take Thymus Extract

Take Thymus Extract

Thymus extract is derived from the thymus glands of cows. It is known as great immune buster, and thus, slows down the rate of activity of Hepatitis C virus. It even strengthens the hepatocytes of the liver, and supports them in fighting the virus.

Apply Warm Castor Oil On Your Liver

Castor oil

Castor oil packs are available into the market and hepatitis C patients can use them, as home remedy, to control the disease. This castor oil is toxic in nature and therefore, should be applied only superficially, over the body parts, but never consumed.

You need to heat this castor oil, to a moderate temperature and applied it directly, over the area of liver. It is a strong circulation booster, and also activates the body immune cells, facilitates detoxification of liver, eases pain, and reduces swelling in the liver tissues.

Take Supplements Of NAC

Supplements Of NAC

N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC is easily available in the market in supplements form. On consumption, it gets converted to Cysteine, an amino acid, inside the human body.

This amino acid, Cysteine produces one of the strongest antioxidants in the human body, the Glutathione. This antioxidant regulates different metabolic functions of the body and also strengthens the immune system, thereby, acting against the Hepatitis C virus.

NAC also helps in removing the toxins from liver and reduces the extent of liver damage. On regular consumption during the treatment of Hepatitis C, NAC also helps in making the antiviral treatments more effective.

Avoid Alcohol In Every Form


Whenever you consume alcohol, it enters the liver and gets broken down into residual forms. The person suffering from hepatitis C has a damaged liver, so when such a person consumes alcohol, it enters directly into the liver tissues and starts damaging them.

Thus, the liver cells become weaker and are not able to handle the attacks. Also, alcohol aggravates the damage being caused to the liver cells by HCV, and worsens the liver condition. Doctors prohibit the use of alcohol, even in the slightest amounts, by the person suffering from hepatitis C.

Drink Warm Water At Regular Intervals

Drink Warm Water

Patients suffering from hepatitis C should drink at least 8 cups of warm water, on a daily basis. This enhances the process of chelation and removal of toxins from your body, which are potentially harmful for the liver tissues and cells.

Home remedies are gift for the hepatitis patients, as they can control their illnesses, without resolving to the painful medications and surgeries. But, there is one thing that is most important in this regard, and that is related to the fact that, if you are a hepatitis C patient, you cannot avoid your physician completely, and it is also not recommended.

The best approach towards the control and treatment of Hepatitis C would be the one, which involves both the home remedies and the physician’s advice. So, try to get in touch with your doctor before starting these home remedies and also discuss your observations with him/her.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.