How To Do Office Yoga

Office Yoga

Yoga and meditation are the buzz words for everybody today. For an elder person not to take tonics or medicines, the one best method is yoga. For a student to concentrate in his or her studies, the much effective way is meditation. Well, for every physical and psychological problem of yours, the very useful techniques are yoga and meditation.You may question to me that, are yoga and meditation the same or is there a difference between them.

As such, yoga requires an individual to do some postures or asanas for staying calm and peaceful. Whereas meditation requires that a person needs to concentrate either on breath or on an object.Some techniques of meditation are inhaling with positive suggestions and exhaling with negative suggestion. The ultimate objective of either yoga or meditation is to keep yourself mentally peaceful, healthy and physically active.

To Keep Diseases At Bay:

The stress to do yoga is relieving from the stress, because of which people are getting vulnerable diseases from diabetes to cancer, even if you are  a non alcoholic or a non smoker. Many of the recent surveys conducted revealed that majority of the causes of heart strokes occur due to stress and anxiety at work.

Planning and implementing the activities both at home and at office give stress to the young work force today. The stringent deadlines and innumerable projects are making stress a part of the most employees. Stretched working hours, mental fatigue, 24/7 shifts and sedentary lifestyle, are the prime causes for youngsters to become victims of heart diseases and diabetes.

Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress

Overcoming stress is a challenge for many employees of today. Office yoga is a simple technique and is gaining momentum in the current corporate world to reduce stress and relax the tense muscles. Office yoga can also help one to sleep sound.

What Is Office Yoga

For this, the session takes place at your work place and the major focus is on creating postural awareness, releasing tension and easy to do desk based exercise.

Advantages Of Office Yoga

A very helpful technique to combat anxiety and depression, keeps an individual in good shape by controlling high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain and heart strokes. Office yoga improves positive thinking and raises morale.

How Many Ways Of Doing Office Yoga

Abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing, neutral posture, shoulder shrugging, stretching the chest and neck are a few ways of distressing, reenergizing, overcoming muscle and joint stiffness.Breathing in and out for a few minutes sitting at your desk is an important way of connecting your mind and body. Inhaling and exhaling with one nostril by closing the other works well for releasing muscles.

Correct Posture

Correct Posture

This exercise is helpful to keep your spine properly. For doing this, put your feet and hips apart at right angle and bend down. Now, look at your feet.If you are sitting, ensure that you sit tall and straight at the end of your chair. You can do this every day for 15 minutes. Follow office yoga at least twice in a week.

How To Do Office Yoga

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