3 Symptoms And Causes Of Appendicitis



One of the common emergencies that require surgical procedures is appendicitis, which is one of the major causes for a patient suffering from abdominal pain.Appendix, which is a vestigial organ in the body, has remained though evolutions have managed to get rid of such use less organs. Appendix needs to get removed from the body, though it has remained for whatever reason.

How Does Appendix Look Like

Appendix has the structure of a small pouch, having a finger like shape in the large intestine in the right lower area of the abdomen.  The function of the pouch is to drain mucus that may form in it.  However, appendix does not possess entry or exit of the products and so can not take active participation in the process.

When Will Appendicitis Occur

Usually, appendicitis occurs if the appendix is blocked with either foreign objects or a tumor, in rare incidents.

Storage Of Mucus In The Appendix

In peculiar situations, mucus will not be drained out and remains in the appendix. With this, it becomes an origin for the development of bacteria that can traverse incidentally. This leads to bacterial infection causing inflammation with the setting up of appendicitis.

Abdomen Being Infected

Pain While Coughing

Some times the infected particles are released in to the abdomen with the break out of appendix. This condition is known as peritonitis and leads to fatal consequences. The usual symptom of abdominal pain for appendicitis are fever, nausea and vomiting. Generally, patients with appendicitis will have pain while coughing or even when taking a deep breath.  Some times slight movements can also cause pain.

Painful Symptoms


Though the symptoms of appendicitis are not the same for patients,  it is difficult even to diagnose appendicitis in the elder people, young children and women. The pain may be unnoticeable in the initial stage, but it becomes severe with the passage of time. Reduced appetite, chills, constipation, diarrhea and shaking  are the common symptoms in the developed stage of appendicitis.Symptoms of appendicitis pain begin around the navel and spread to the right lower abdomen. The pain will be severe even while moving the right lower limb in wards or up wards and it becomes worse with pressure in the left side of the abdomen.

Appendix Being Ruptured

The pain can lessen slowly when appendix ruptures and a patient can feel better. If  your appendix is removed prior to its rupture, you can recover soon after the medical surgery.
Peritonitis:This is a condition of inflammation to the lining of the abdominal cavity resulting in severe pain and the patient becomes sick.

Other Causes Of Abdomen Pain

Disease Of Digestive Track

The other condition of abdomen pain are urinary infection or stone formation in the urinary tract, severe intestinal infection and in case of women, uterus infection  or fertilized ovum being placed in the fallopian tube are the some other causes.Some times, burning pain of pancreas, liver, cysts in ovaries and diseases of the digestive tract can also cause abdominal pain, which your physician may rule out, before the confirmation of appendicitis.


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