How To Relieve Arthritis Through Acupuncture

Regarded among the most invasive ailments, arthritis in the United States of America is the top reason for disability. Even more shocking is the fact that it affects around 70 million folks in this nation alone, according to the reports from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With pain, swelling, and inflammation rupturing the bones and tendons, a victim tends to become disable slowly if the treatment is delayed or symptoms are ignored.

Talking about the treatment for arthritis, it includes drugs and injections that induce some serious as well as long-term side effects. Therefore, it is more preferable to relieve arthritis with natural remedies and one such effective option is acupuncture that is relatively free from side effects and induces only a prickly sensation, not pain. Are you willing to know about this treatment in detail? Well, kindly read ahead to know about this natural remedy in detail!

What Is Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the Chinese way of treating pain and inflammation caused due to arthritis, which features inserting needles in the body without any discomfort. The Chinese Medical theory believes that the cause of arthritis is the blocked cyclical flow of Qi that is the energy or life force passing in the meridians, the invisible energy channels. This obstruction is mostly due to the cold, pathogen wind, damp-heat, and damp. It triggers the ‘bi’ pain that is treated via inserting needles on the acu points located on the meridians. Therefore, acupuncture is a means to rectifying the subtle energy imbalance.

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture aims at alleviating the pain by boosting the emission of pain-blocking chemicals called endorphins that are caused during pain or stress. An expert will first identify the acu points according to the affected areas. These points are always close to the nerves on which when the needles penetrate, the nerves are kindled resulting in a bit discomfort. However, this stimulation results in provoking the muscles that transmit a message to the brain as well as the spinal cord (central nervous system) to release endorphins. These chemicals along with other message-sending equivalents hinder the message of pain to reach the brain.

How Acupuncture Is Performed

You first need to approach an experienced acupuncturist who will scrutinize you by knowing about the inception of your ailment along with the signs and symptoms you experience. Based on this information, she or he will determine the exact acupuncture points along with the therapy plan.

The acupuncturist will begin the process by cleansing each of the areas of acupuncture points by using alcohol. Once this is over, she or he will insert a metallic, hair-thin needle on these points. Generally, stainless steel needles that are disposable are inserted to kindle the 14 chief meridians in the body to rectify the energy imbalance and consequently to overcome the condition. Depending upon the variety of factors, the number of needles tends to vary. In addition, they are inserted at varying depths.

Once the needles are inserted, the acupuncturist makes them remain in that position for many minutes, even for an hour. During this time, the needles are rejuvenated electrically or twirled to strengthen the effect. You will experience a tingling sensation while the expert applies electricity. Nevertheless, in case this sensation is too strong, do not hesitate in requesting your acupuncturist to alleviate the electricity supply.

This is what happens in one session. You might be called for some more sessions in which the acupuncturist will utilize different , varying combinations of points, or both. Doing so aid in stimulating the novel sources of healing according to the treatment response.

How Do I Feel After The Treatment

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Once the session is over, you might feel overly relaxed, as acupuncture induces a soothing effect. Therefore, do not drive on your own, which means you need to bring someone along when you attend the first session.

What Are The Acupuncture Points For Treating Arthritis

In most cases, depending upon the location of symptoms and type of arthritis, the acupuncture points will differ. For example, in case of hip joint arthritis, the points are in the buttocks, while the points for foot arthritis, the points are at the conjunction of feet and toes.

Is Acupuncture Painful

Bluntly speaking, it is not as painful as an injection. During the insertion of needles, you might experience a pricking sensation. However, as these needles are very thin, they do not inflict major pain. After the insertion, you might experience numbness, slight soreness, and tingling.

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What Are The Benefits Of Acupuncture

There is a long list of the acupuncture benefits to relieve arthritis. Risk-free means, immediate response of the patient for necessary adjustments, boosted immune system for natural healing, improved blood flow, reduced risks of blood pressure and heart disease, increased production of red as well as white cells, and more release of hormones dealing with stress are some of the vital advantages of acupuncture. Specific to arthritis, acupuncture combats the symptoms of acute and chronic pain, chronic fatigue, joint pain, back and neck pain or stiffness, stress, and shoulder pain.

How Many Sessions Of Acupuncture Are Necessary To Relieve Arthritis

The total number of sessions is totally upon how severe is the condition and how well you respond to this Chinese therapy. However, it will be obviously more than one, as only a single session never ensures long-term relief. In normal cases, a minimum of two sessions in seven days is the treatment regimen that continues for four to five weeks. In case of acute arthritis, the acupuncturist might suggest daily sessions.

When Do I Get The Results

You will never see the benefits in the initial sessions, as they take time to show up. Normally, you must try 5 to 10 sessions to see the outcomes.

Are There Any Considerations

Always consult your doctor before trying acupuncture to relive arthritis. Further, never be under the impression that acupuncture is the only means to beat arthritis pain, which means you must not stop taking the medications and following the diet plans unless told to do so by your doctor. This is because in most cases, it works along with other treatment methods to show the best results.

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