7 Natural Cures For Incontinence

The loss of urinary bladder control is known as incontinence. This disease is often left undetected as people avoid discussing their problems with doctors. However, a recent survey has shown that millions of people over the world have been detected with incontinence.


Women are more likely to be diagnosed with incontinence than men. Instead of opting for surgery and drugs for the treatment of incontinence, choose the below listed natural cures for incontinence.

How To Cure Incontinence Naturally

Kegel Exercise

This form of exercise involves the flexing of the muscles which are used to control the flow and stopping of urine. Kegel exercises must be practiced for at least ten weeks before positive results against incontinence are detected.

Kegel Exercise

Lose Weight

It is very important to stay slim and fit to cure incontinence faster and better. Excess fat accumulation on the stomach leads to extra pressure on the pelvic muscles and urinary bladder. Maintain a healthy body weight to restore control over urinary bladder functioning.

Lose Weight

Bladder Training Therapy

This is a mental exercise to be practiced by every patient of incontinence. The exercise trains you to avoid rushing to the nearest washroom in case of urge to urinate. Try to delay urinating for 5 minutes in the beginning and then stretch it up to 20 minutes.

This restores one’s control over the urinary bladder and establishes a normal routine of urinating every 4 hours, instead of the frequent cycles in the case of incontinence.

Bladder Training Therapy


Eat food that is rich in the mineral magnesium. The nutrient helps in the proper functioning of the human nervous system and thus enables proper muscle movements.

It cures muscle spasms occurring in incontinence, thus allowing complete emptying of bladder at once. This in turn reduces the urge to urinate frequently. Potato, corn and banana are rich in magnesium.



This is a ring shaped device that can be inserted in the vagina to lift and control the operations of the urinary bladder. The device can be used only be females and is one of the most effective natural cures for incontinence in women.

By supporting the bladder, a pessary controls urine flow instigated by heavy exercise or coughing. Keep the pessary inserted in the vagina from a few hours to a few weeks as per your convenience.


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Stop Smoking

A medical study has shown that nicotine can cause irritation on the walls of the urinary bladder and disrupt it’s working. Smokers generally cough more than non smokers or passive smokers.

When cough becomes chronic, it poses as a potential threat for the contraction of the pelvic organ and thus chances of being diagnosed with incontinence increase.



This is another form of mental exercise to maintain the proper functioning and elasticity of the muscles in the urinary bladder. Hypnotherapy involves the use of an object that is used to obtain the concentration of the patient so that he may get distracted and feel relaxed.

The contractions in the bladder muscles reduce stress and hence muscle movements are regulated, ensuring that a person will not visit the washroom frequently.