8 Natural Cures To Jock Itch

Jock Itch

Is an itching and burning sensation in your crotch making you embarrassed in public? You are probably a victim of the jock itch ailment! This is an infection that manifests itself as red rashes caused by fungi that accumulate between the thighs.The use of chemicals to cure jock itch may further aggravate the problem if you have sensitive skin. So we list for you natural remedies to get rid of jock itch.

How To Cure Jock Itch

Garlic Compress For Jock Itch 


Take three cloves of garlic and smash them. Mix the paste in a cup of olive oil stirring to allow the garlic juice mix in the oil. Now take a piece of cotton cloth and immerse it in the mixture.Use the cloth as a compress on the area affected by jock itch. Use this compress at least twice a day for a week for best results. Also consume raw garlic early morning in empty stomach.

Listerine Wash


Wipe your crotch with Listerine two times a day. This will lead to burning of the rashes, but the alcohol in Listerine is effective in killing the fungi that causes jock itch. Thymol and menthol present in Listerine causes a cooling sensation and reduces scratching of the rashes caused by jock itch.

Baby Powder


Jock itch fungi settle in moist areas of the thigh. In order to avoid accumulation of moisture, dust baby powder, which also has antibacterial properties, between your legs after shower.Remember to dry the area completely with a towel before application of powder.

Salt Bath


Use lukewarm water for bath. Add a generous amount of common salt in the water. Immerse in the bath for at least 15 minutes making sure that the rashes are being washed by salt water. This helps to kill the fungi and dry out the rashes. You can also add tea tree oil or black tea in the salt bath for antiseptic properties.

Loose Cotton Underwear


Avoid wearing underwear that is tight and will thus stick to your skin and aggravate the rashes.Also remember to wear only cotton undergarments; they absorb the sweat between your thighs. Synthetic cloth, on the other hand, causes sweating and growth of fungi.

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The sun’s rays are helpful in killing the jock itch fungi. No, we are not asking you to expose the area affected by rashes to direct sunlight! But a five minute walk in the sun after shower is beneficial for especially those who suffer from chronic jock itch or live in damp surroundings.Remember to wipe the groin area after walking so as to remove all moisture. Also change underwear once during the day to avoid moisture that is soaked by clothes.




Apply cornstarch on the groin two times a day to cure jock itch. Cornstarch is effective in removing any blister or sore caused by jock itch.

Natural Herbs



The herbal treatments for curing jock itch include the use of plants like lemon grass, aloe ferox, witch hazel, calendula officinalis and urtica urens. Extracts from these herbs must be applied on the rashes. They have antifungal and anti inflammatory properties that help cure jock itch successfully.