Top 13 Symptoms Of Exhaustion

Mild exhaustion is something all of us routinely experience. Running for an hour on the treadmill or meeting painstaking deadlines in the office can leave us mildly exhausted. Chronic and debilitating exhaustion occurs due to chronic exposure to stressful stimuli in the environments that exert a powerful effect on our physical and mental well-being.


Long-term exhaustion makes a person feel continuously lethargic, sleepy and ill at ease. People experience a loss of energy and profound weakness in carrying out their day to day tasks. Chronic exhaustion has some classic symptoms, which are manifested in several different ways. Let us study each one of them.

Common Symptoms Of Exhaustion

Unexplained Tiredness

Unexplained tiredness that cannot be attributed to any external environmental stimuli is one of the hallmark symptoms of exhaustion.

Feeling tired as soon as you get out from the bed in the morning without any apparent reason is a classic sign of exhaustion.


Dependence on Stimulants

Another noticeable symptom of exhaustion is the excessive and over dependence on tea/coffee/cola and other beverages to get through your day. People start consuming several cups of coffee and tea in order to get over their exhaustion. Your day remains incomplete unless you are regularly being served a big cuppa of coffee. Without tea/coffee, the day drags and you cannot muster the energy to carry on with your day to day tasks.

drinking tea

Inability to Complete Small Chores

People who suffer from chronic exhaustion find that they are not being able to complete even small chores and mundane activities that can otherwise be effortlessly done by most people. Not being able to pick up groceries, do laundry or head to the bank indicates that not all is right with your body and mind and that you are suffering from excessive fatigue. This becomes more worrisome if you have only a part time job or are a stay at home mom.


Lowered Immunity

Extreme exhaustion plays havoc with the body’s defence systems and immunity. You will find yourself routinely coming down with flu, colds and other infections.

Feeling completely sapped with fever or a headache means that your immunity is depressingly low and the body is not being able to fight back due to the continuous stress, fatigue and exhaustion.

low immunity

Dizziness and Fainting

If your body is battling fatigue, there is a high chance that enough oxygen is not being transported from the lungs to the brain. If the brain is not getting enough oxygen, chances are that you will feel dizzy most of the time. This happens in cases of severe exhaustion. Chronic dizziness can lead to falls and serious injuries.


Decreased Sex Drive

A very profound effect of exhaustion is reduced sex drive. It can kill the passion in your marriage and also affect your relationship. Overworked people who are constantly battling deadlines and fighting with time are too exhausted at the end of the day to engage in sex with their partners.

If one of the partners seems to be suffering from this, take remedial action right away. Get to the root of the problem and see how the stress and exhaustion can be reduced.


Lack of Attention

Not being alert, focused and not being able to pay attention is another symptom of extreme exhaustion. Absentmindedness and forgetfulness in routine tasks can prove to be very dangerous especially if you are dealing with heavy machinery and equipment. This can also be potentially dangerous if you have small children in the house and you are neglectful or unmindful of their safety and concern.


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Lack of Fun in Life

Exhaustion can not only take a physical toll on your body but also affect your ability to have fun. Not being able to take time out for your family, recreation or your own creative hobbies and pursuits can take a toll on your mental well being and happiness. People who are battling exhaustion are so far removed from reality that they stop to have fun in their lives and then wonder what’s missing in their life.

busy schedule

Hormonal Imbalances

Exhaustion can occur due to several reasons, hormonal imbalance being one of them.

If hormonal imbalance is at the root cause of fatigue, you need to get your entire hormonal profile checked and assessed by a competent doctor and take medications to rule out imbalances. This will vastly improve your symptoms of exhaustion and make you feel a lot better.

Hormonal Imbalance

Rapid Heart Rate and Palpitations

You can also start to suffer from a rapid heart rate and severe palpitations if you are battling chronic exhaustion and fatigue. Sweating and an increased heart rate are some of the common symptoms experienced by people who are battling chronic fatigue and exhaustion. This is not good for the long-term cardiac health of the patient.

heart pain


If your body starts suffering from other complications due to exhaustion, it is an ominous sign and needs to be looked into. Often these complications go unnoticed. They can start with migraine headaches, asthma, depression or even something as potentially dangerous as cancer. The root cause of all these diseases is exhaustion and stress.


Increased Irritability and Mood Swings

If you are feeling tired all the time, there is a good chance you will also feel moody, irritable and depressed. You are likely to snap at your spouse and other members of the family. This in turn can affect the quality of your relationships.


Mental Stress

Lack of quality sleep, mental stress and poor eating habits in turn affect your mental well being and state of mind. You will begin to feel very disillusioned and negative about life and this in turn can compound problems further for you.

These are some of the common and classic symptoms of exhaustion. It is rare for it to become chronic but it can become long term if you do not take preventive steps and remedies to treat it. The best way to beat chronic exhaustion is to have a good support system, follow good eating habits, take exercise and keep a sound work life balance.

mental stress

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