The Truth About Diet and Gouty Arthritis

The medical community across the globe is not perfect or infallible and oftentimes, doctors are restricted according to the limitations of the existing technology that is available, in addition to the data that they have to hand.  Sometimes, commonly held and accepted beliefs/practices within the medical profession will be superseded by virtue of breakthroughs and advancements in technology, and so this results in a major shift in viewpoint, even practise.

Take for example, gouty arthritis. To this day, the medical profession, based on the research that it has conducted, has identified that a diet that is excessively rich in purine will make a person more at risk of developing gouty arthritis. Based on single statement and assertion alone….without any sort of context or background to it means that the general public maybe tempted to simply abstain from purine rich foods in general, and after all, who could blame them for such a course of action? Logically, it seems like a sound idea.

However, there has been a great deal of research conducted into the topic of gouty arthritis, and so specifically, the medical profession has identified that there is something of a fatal flaw in the general assertion that all purine rich food items are bad and to be limited. Specifically, there are a number of purine rich food items that can be consumed with impunity, because despite the fact that they are rich in purine, they will NOT pose any threat to the person eating them.

Recommended Products


These include things such as:

  • peas
  • Spinach
  • mushrooms

In addition, dairy products have also been tarred with the same brush in that because they have a high purine content, this means that they must therefore increase the risk of gouty arthritis. In reality, further study has identified that not only does dairy products NOT increase the chances of gouty arthritis occurring in the person, but they can also reduce the chances of the disease occurring in addition to their other health properties and benefits. In short, a food item that increases the chances of a person developing cardiovascular problems will also increase the chances of gouty arthritis occurring as well.

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