Three Prime Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis And Natural Remedies

Arthritis is a major complaint by a huge population of individuals, the symptoms of which are inflammation around the important joints of the body. Arthritis can also occur due to wear and tear of joints due to injuries, strain of muscles very often, fatigue and also by a high forceful activities.


You might be surprised if I say that there are over hundred different types of arthritis and for every form of arthritis there are more than an imagined number of patients suffering from arthritis. Well, here with I am bringing a few rthriti ,along with some precautionary measures to be taken for not to fall in to the pain of arthritis. It is well known that osteo arthritis is the most common disease that many people are suffering from and women from the age group of thirty years across many nations occupy a remarkable percentage.

Loss Of Cartilage

The starting location for osteo arthritis to occur is cartilage which is a cushioning for the joints of fingers and finally spreads to the two bones which are opposite to each other and there by eroding one with the other. The initial rthritiis minor pains while walking and it will be continuous. The pain senses like needling and prevents one from doing normal activities.The joints will no longer have pain less movements when cartilage becomes worn or damaged. Sometimes cartilage may also be lost because of injuries or trauma.

loss of cartilage

Limited Function Of Joints

The major complaint very often by individuals having osteo arthritis is joint pains.  In osteo arthritis both the smaller and medium joints can be affected. The smaller joints of the body  like knee, back, hands, feet and hip which are weight bearing can be affected by osteo arthritis. Sometimes this type of arthritis can also be caused from injuries or wear and tear of the joints which generally happens as a person grows by age. The movement of hands and wrist can be done with multiple small joints working together. Activities of a day becomes tough to be done when the joints are affected by osteo arthritis.

joint pain

Swelling Of Glands

When the human body tries to put pressure to cope up with the lost cartilage, fluids are released in to the joint lining which otherwise is also known as synovium. With this swelling of joints takes place by stretching the joint covering called as capsule, resulting in severe  pain for the patient.

swelling in joints

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Medical Suggestions

Osteo arthritis mostly affects  old aged people and there is no curable medication for this. However, the pain can be treated for not being worsened. The only way of relieving joint pains for those suffering from osteo arthritis is some physical therapy to make the joints strong. If the pain of joints persists for a longer time, then the only option available is to undergo surgery.

physical therapy

Home Remedies Naturally

Frequently move your  fingers, joints and back, so that they do not become stiff. Take some rest when the joints get too much pain and avoid sitting on carpet or floor because joints cannot be bent with ease. Physical exercise also works truly better for those who have osteo arthritis. Another most problem solving method is to apply a cloth of hot water on the joints giving more pain. If you massage with sandal wood oil or hot vinegar on the areas affected, swelling of the glands can be controlled.

warm compress

Not Only Tablets For The Remedy

Treatment for osteoarthritis does not only happen with tablets. Many vegetables, fruits and food specifically rich in calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium and zinc should have a place in your meals. . Junk foods should be avoided as much as possible as they may not contain omega fatty acids which act as soothers for joint pain.

osteoarthritis diet

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.