3 Tips To Cure Acidity By Acupressure

Cure Acidity By Acupressure

Cure Acidity By  Acupressure

Acidity is one of the most common medical conditions where the liquid fillings of the stomach reflux back to the esophagus. The contents are usually acidic in nature and cause heart burn, irritation of the throat and sourness.Other than improper digestion, pregnancy, reaction against food stuff etc also cause the symptoms of acidity.

Acupressure for Acidity

Acupressure for Acidity

Other than the conventional forms of treatment, a number of natural based remedies exist that help to cure the symptoms of this disease without causing any side effects. The use of acupressure for acidity treatment is one of the natural and ancient forms of cure.Acupressure, an ancient Chinese form of treatment, has been successfully used for the past two thousand years for treating digestive disorders. The particular kind of acupressure, used for treating acidity, is called Acid reflux Acupressure.Basically, pressure with the help of fingers is applied over the ‘acu-points’ of the body.  As per Chinese tradition, all disorders of the body can get cured as the three elements of the body Yin, Yang and Qi get aligned. Applying pressure on the particular points of the body, align these elements.

Fundamentals Of Acupressure For The Treatment Of Acidity

In order to understand how acupressure works for treating acidity, there are two major terms that we need to understand- P6 and LES.



Commonly known by the name of Neiguan, P6 is the prescribed ‘acu-point’ of our body that is located in between the two tendons underneath the wrist.It is easy to locate. Stretch your hands straight and then bend them. P6 is the point located at the center of the wrist, approximately two-fingers away from the point of meeting of the arm and the hand.

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LES(Lower Esophageal Spinster)


The Lower Esophageal Spinster/LES is actually a valve that regulates the passage of food between the stomach and esophagus. When we eat, the valve opens up to allow the food to pass into the stomach and remains shut to prevent the gastric juice from the stomach to reflux back into the esophagus. Acidity is caused when the LES gets relaxed, allowing the juice from the stomach to enter the food pipe.As per traditional Chinese medicine, acupoints are points of connection that fuel the flow of internal energy in the body. Stimulating them will arouse the surge of internal energy. P6 is considered as an important ‘acu-point’ of the body and stimulating it enables energy flow into the various parts of the body.

Now a days wrist bands known as “sea bands” are used to apply pressure on the P6. The bands are fitted tightly on the wrist and a button on it is used to apply pressure on the P6 point. Fingers too can be used for this purpose. The correct way of applying acupressure for acidity will decide the extent of cure. It is therefore advisable that a professional be contacted for this purpose. Locating the exact pressure points and application of the correct amount of pressure, are the two major factors on which acupressure treatment depend.

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