Top 10 Laryngitis Treatment Options

Laryngitis Treatment OptionsInflammation of the larynx, commonly known as voice box, is called laryngitis. Swelling of the vocal cords distorts sound, causing hoarseness of voice. Viral infection of the larynx is the most common cause of laryngitis. Laryngitis may also occur from straining or overusing the voice box, which irritates the vocal cords.

Most cases of laryngitis heal naturally with home treatment. To accelerate the healing process, avoid smoking and excessive drinking. Pharmacological drugs are used for treating severe infections or inflammation of the vocal cord that do not respond to home remedies.

Laryngitis Treatment Options


As viral infection of the larynx is the most prominent cause of laryngitis, medications are occasionally needed for treating laryngitis. However, if a bacterial infection is associated with inflammation of the larynx, an antibiotic drug will help to treat the infection.



When an allergic reaction causes swelling of the vocal cords, antihistamine medications can provide relief from allergy by suppressing secretion of histamines that induce the allergic reaction.


Inhaling steroids is occasionally recommended for reducing inflammation of the larynx. Corticosteroids provide prompt relief from laryngitis. It is used only for emergency treatment to improve the quality of the voice.

Rest The Voice

Resting the voice helps to heal laryngitis naturally. Do not talk for a long time and avoid speaking loudly. Talking increases strain on the swollen vocal cord, aggravating the inflammation and discomfort further.

Keep The Throat Moist

Keep the Throat Moist

Moistening the throat helps to reduce discomfort and improves healing. Frequently sip water. Chewing gums or sucking on lozenges also helps to keep the throat moist.

Salt Water Gargle

Gargling with saline water, several times a day, helps to moisten the throat. Moreover, the antiseptic property of salt helps to kill microbes associated with the infection.

Inhale Steam

Breathing in warm moist air also helps to soothe the throat.



Honey is a popular food for the sore throat. It works by soothing the irritated throat. Moreover, honey is a powerful antibiotic agent. Hence, bacterial infections of the larynx could be treated with honey.

Herbal Remedies

Certain herbal remedies are beneficial for people suffering from laryngitis. Gargling with sage, eucalyptus or chamomile tea helps to soothe the throat. The anti-inflammatory effect of these herbs can alleviate swelling of the vocal cords. By coating the throat with mucilage, marshmallow reduces irritation and discomfort in the throat caused by laryngitis.

Slippery elm also contains mucilage like marshmallow. It can be taken to reduce irritation in the throat. Basil juice or tea provides relief from hoarseness and reduces inflammation by soothing the irritated larynx.

Zinc Supplement

Zinc lozenges are frequently recommended for treating laryngitis. Zinc is essential for the functioning of the immune system. Sucking on zinc lozenges supplies your body this essential mineral. By activating the immune systems, it accelerates healing and reduces the duration of the viral infection of the larynx.

Zinc Supplement

However, taking high doses of zinc for a prolonged period can cause adverse reactions. Hence, to prevent side effects, do not take more than 50 mg of zinc each day.

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