Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

How can one explain the peace, ease and exhilaration that a good night’s sleep brings! Similarly, in case of the sleep deprived people, the nausea, mood swings and restlessness are pretty awful symptoms that gain much sympathy. But putting someone to sleep is not an easy task for any individual. Mechanically or physically, inducing sleep needs to be supported by medications, physical routines and more.

Another nice, easy and harmless way to put your loved ones bothered by sleep disorders to a nice sleep, are herbal remedies mentioned below. A quick look on these tips to get rid of sleep disorders, and you may use one or more to see the affected one sleep like a baby. These sleep inducing herbs are simple, non habit forming and, known to have no side affected too. These leave you fresh, not sluggish or low like other cosmetic meditations. On and on go the virtues of these herbal remedies. Let us have a look.

Sleep Disorders Herbal Remedies



Valerian, also known as ‘Valeriana Officinalis’, is a known and the most preferred remedy for the people experiencing the lack of, or irregular and disturbed sleep. The herb is available readily and steeped conveniently, to make a tea to be had in natural form. This relaxes the nerves and induces calmness, thus making one able to sleep promptly.

The strong smell may be an issue for some but the solution for this lies in the capsules that come in herbal shops, carrying Valerian extracts. The thing takes time to work so have it for two weeks at least without giving up and see the results. Avoid prolonged use, that is, more than three to four months as this may hamper the freshness of the body and its metabolism. Take it twice a day. Avoid taking other medicines and alcohol with it and liver patients, avoid the herb altogether.



Little can we understand the vagaries and charisma of nature but when we do, we are able to help ourselves considerably. For example, Melatonin, a natural herb is also the name of a natural hormone that the body secretes as the light around decreases, that is, at night.

As this is sleep inducing, we fall asleep under its influence. Now the herb we are talking about, called Melatonin is also functional in the same manner and causes sleep to descend over the troubled person. The herb causes the hormone to get secreted and thus helps sleep. It is mostly used in case of change of sleep timings and jet lag situations. Consult the doctor before use.



This is again a relaxant that is also used in high blood pressure conditions. Its extreme soothing effects are responsible for easy unwinding which helps to drive away sleeplessness and harness a complete and fulfilling sleep. Great freshness and vigour is what these herbs impart, there being a nice smell and taste to it, too.

These can be boiled as tea or taken orally as capsules. Take it about an hour before going to sleep. Avoid in case of pregnant and lactating women, as well as in case of illnesses of serious kinds, like schizophrenia and depression.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower

This is a nice scented flower which along with its stem is boiled for making a drink to sip on before going to sleep. Also available in capsule forms, these can also be popped before bedtime. A soothing relaxant that alleviates anxiety and cures sleep disorders. It is a pretty safe herb.



Lavender is a very fragrant and soothing flower and acts as an herbal remedy for insomnia. It is used in two ways. Either drink some tea made out of it before going to bed, or simply soak some of the flowers and stems into the bath tub and unwind.

It helps the nerves to relax, and after the bath sleep is sure to be a relaxing experience  for you, driving away the anxieties. Do not use in case of pregnant ladies

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.