Top 5 Home Remedies For Impotence

Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is an increasingly common grave health problem affecting men between ages of 30 and 70. A significant percentage of infertility in couples can be attributed to male impotence. A person suffering from sexual impotence will face difficulty in maintaining an erection for satisfactory sexual activity, which is a basic instinct in humans.


A man’s self esteem and sexual relationship depend greatly on their sexual ability, and hence impotence is a critical issue that needs treatment. There are some useful and proven home remedies to treat impotence safely and permanently. The article discusses some of these effective home remedies for impotence.

Effective Home Remedies To Cure Impotence


This commonly used ingredient in our dishes serves an important purpose of curing sexual impotence. Make it a habit to eat 2-3 raw garlic cloves, which will act as a great sex rejuvenator.

Including lots of garlic in regular diet is also beneficial in treating the problem. Garlic offers aphrodisiac effects and essentially treats impotence that is caused by accidents or sickness.



Sexual impotence in male can be treated effectively using this commonly available nutritional vegetable. Carrot helps in enhancing blood circulation in body. A very common recipe for treating impotence using carrot can be prepared by finely blending a bowl of chopped carrots, one half-boiled egg and a tablespoon of honey.

Consuming this preparation daily for two to three months will deliver satisfactory results. Another recipe using carrot is carrot juice mixed with spinach juice and lettuce juice. Vitamin C and E in this blend effectively cure the lack of libido.


Dry Fruits

A daily healthy diet containing dry fruits is considered as a very effective home remedy for treating impotence. Dried dates and black raisins are packed with high fiber contents, and give continuous energy boost to body.

A blend of black raisins, walnuts, pistachio, prunes and dried apricots, added with honey is a great energy and protein booster. This blend is also loaded with plenty of aphrodisiac properties. Dry fruits are loaded with good amounts of zinc, iron, potassium and protein and help in fostering sexual health.

dry fruits


This commonly available vegetable is commonly prescribed by ayurvedic physicians in the treatment of impotence. This natural home remedy will serve as a great tonic for body, and will help in nurturing sexual drive in men.

Fresh drumstick flowers packed with high nutrition value and iron- rich content also treat premature ejaculation, and thinness of semen. Boil a handful of freshly picked drumstick flowers in a glass of cow milk. Make it a habit to drink it lukewarm. This decoction is a powerful sexual stimulant and helps in defeating sexual incapacity.


Ginger And Honey Recipe

A decoction made of ginger juice and honey is a commonly used natural home remedy to treat male impotence. Crush a medium sized ginger to paste and squeeze out two teaspoon juice from it. Add equal amount of pure honey to it and blend nicely.

Take this drink three times daily. Continued use of this mixture helps in curing impotence related problems effectively. The market is overcrowded with wide range of drugs and medications that claim to treat impotence. But home remedies can be used without any worries regarding side-effects, since they are a completely natural and healthy choice.

ginger and honey