Top 6 Natural Painkillers Available In Your Kitchen!

Natural Painkillers Available In Your Kitchen!

Most of the time, it has been visualized that visiting your doctor for a routine check-up seems to be a very troublesome job. So, it is highly liable that one should optimally consume sound diet and nutrients and vitamins rich diet regime so as to stay fit and healthy. But there can be sometimes, when you may feel sick, or become a victim to mild injuries or wounds. What we usually do in such situations is to simply pop-up some pill and wave off the pain emerging out the critical impairments on your bodily systems.

But intake of these painkillers may pose serious threat to our immune system. So, this article is all about the list of natural painkillers that are quite easy to handle, has no side effects and above all can be easily accessible in your kitchen. It has been judiciously monitored that our kitchen and garden is the store house of various convenient pains. A lot of fruits, vegetables, spices and oils tends to deliver a lot of respite with in no time, if incredibly used with tremendous patience and belief in its natural strength to soothe all the health issues.

Here We Are Discussing About Some Natural Painkillers Available In Your Kitchen:

1. Cloves:

What to say of this incredible painkiller that is easily accessible in your kitchen [1] . This natural ingredient not only enhances the flavor of dishes but also goes a long way in effectively waiving off the toothache or gingivitis in a commendable manner.For using this natural painkiller, just put some cloves in the region of pain in your mouth, where there is a significant tooth ache and then gradually slurp the saliva sprang from the cloves being placed there. Then gradually you will surely feel the aching pain will get away with its regular usage. Alternatively, you can also clean your mouth with an amalgamated solution of finely grounded cloves powder and Luke-warm water, thu getting way with the aching tooth with-in no time.


2. Fresh Mint Leaves:

This natural ingredient is also quite accessible in your kitchen and can be commendably used to wave off the issues of sinusitis. Alongside, if you make it your regular habit to chew raw mint leaves it will definitely aids in clearing the sore throat [2] . However, if have some issues like vomiting sensations or nausea, then just sip half a glass of mint leaves boiled in water for few day and just relax how considerably it assists in getting off these issues.

Fresh Mint Leaves

3. Onions:

What to say of this most amazing natural ingredient from your kitchen that is a major natural anesthetic or painkiller to get away with the issue of dry eyes [3] . To optimally use onion in this case, precisely aims at shedding some tears and getting respite from the issue of dry eyes. To use this natural ingredient, in this case, just cut an onion, when its fumes begins to scatter in the air, your eyes will instantly begin to shed tears and this way you will get a hue relief from the dry eyes.


4. Papaya:

This amazing natural fruit is a great healer for overcoming the menstrual cramps [4] . Alongside, it also aids in balancing the irregularity in the menstrual cycle, if any. Besides this, this is natural painkiller for getting away with the issue of bloating stomach and many more.


5. Salt:

Salt is a very useful ingredient that is easily accessible in your kitchen [5] . Not only it enhances the taste of your food but can also be used commendably in maintaining a sound oral hygiene. For using it as a natural ingredient for fighting with oral germs, removal of food particles form teeth besides keeping your breath fresh, just dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of luke-warm watr and then rinse your mouth with this solution. Not only this, you can also use this natural ingredient fr soothing your tired feet and legs, by simply immersing your feet in a solution of salt water and then taking a footbath for about 10-15 minutes appropriately for getting a sound rejuvenation effect in your feet.


6. Honey:

You may have heard a lot about the effectiveness of honey for betting a radiant and smooth skin but you might not be aware of this fact that how significant honey is keeping the mouth sores at bay [6] . Rich in innumerable anti-inflammatory properties, the application of honey over the inflamed mouth sores tends to make it salivate which thus incredibly wet the sores alongside keeping the mouth sores far away in a significant manner.


So, this is all about the 6 natural painkillers available in your kitchen, that naturally soothes all your pains and sufferings in a significant manner.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.