4 Treatment Options For Glaucoma

Confused as what are the alternative treatments available for Glaucoma? Well! There is no reason to worry as below we will discuss the best available treatments. Do not hesitate to try out acupuncture therapy since it helps to ensure improved visibility.


Individuals who are interested in gaining natural treatment can always opt for the acupuncture therapy. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that Acupuncture therapy is not always as effective as that of drug treatments and surgery procedures.

Tips To Treat Glaucoma

Beta Blockers Make Appropriate Choices For Glaucoma Treatment

Beta blockers make excellent choices as anti-glaucoma treatments and seem to be an effective treatment for treating eye related issues. You though must be aware that treatment with beta blockers hold likely side effects. Asthma sufferers must be aware with such a treatment procedure since it is a main cause of bronchospasm.

Beta Blockers

Eye Drops Restricts Formation Of Aqueous Fluid

Eye drops make excellent choice for treating glaucoma and if taken on a regular and timely basis, can help you to control eye pressure. Eye drops work fine by improving the flow at the drainage area as well as restricting the formation of aqueous fluid too. Remember that the appropriate way to ensure suitable medication holds the key in ensuring successful treatment.

eye drops

Natural Way To Treat Glaucoma

If you are looking forward to gain relief from glaucoma in a natural way, do include sufficient proportions of minerals, nutrients, vitamins and herbs. Cannabis also does make an excellent choice for treating glaucoma.

Ingredients such as oregano, vitamin C, Kaffir potato and bilberry are brilliant choices for gaining relief from glaucoma. Many pills also include the above-mentioned ingredients and people take the pills orally. Truly, natural way to treat glaucoma makes the ideal choice.


Laser Surgery-Effective Treatment For Glaucoma

One of the most popular treatments gaining significance in recent times is certainly laser surgery. You can view laser surgery as an intermediate step that necessarily exists between traditional surgery and drugs. Individuals who are suffering from open-angle glaucoma can also try out trabeculoplasty.

It is a painless procedure and hardly takes more than 10-15 minutes. Do not be afraid to undertake such as surgery, as the complications arising as a result of such a surgery is minimal. The minimal side effects associated with the laser surgery is perhaps one of the burning reasons for its growing popularity among patients and doctors alike.

Pills are one of the other possible ways to treat glaucoma and this works fine when eye drops find it difficult to control IOP. You though need to keep in mind that such pills hold more side effects than that of drops. It is advisable to take such medications no more than 2-4 times on a daily basis.

Note that not all types of treatments are a safe bet on pregnant women since the effect of the drugs can easily pass on to the babies. Individuals who are regular smokers must avoid the above-mentioned natural ways of treating glaucoma. Remember that glaucoma treatment becomes a lot easy as long as you are aware as what necessarily to do. Hence, make appropriate consultation with a doctor so as to find all about eye surgery.

laser surgery

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