Treatment Of Anorexia

Given the fact anorexia nervosa is a mental disorder,  this has its roots and origins in a number of mental health issues including low self-esteem, poor coping mechanisms for stress and trauma along with a pathological need to control the world around the anorexia sufferer, will necessitate that mental health therapy is relied upon.

The truth of the matter is that anorexia has a physical component to it, but it is the mental component of the disorder that will ultimately compel the sufferer to act in the manner that they are. Indeed,  nutritional counselling, the process whereby an anorexia sufferer will be taught and educated as to the different foods that they need in their diet and why, cannot and will not succeed…..until the anorexia sufferer finally comes to terms with their fear of gaining weight.

Depression plays an extremely significant and prominent role in  the onset and development,  not to mention the severity of the anorexia and with that in mind then, the anorexia sufferer should consider increasing the amount of the following items in their diet.


Carbohydrates are always one of the first items in a diet that will suffer a serious downturn when the anorexia sufferer tries to cut down the food they eat, due to the general perception that carbohydrates are negative as they lead us to be liable for weight gain.

In actual fact the human body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates for energy, and so if you are an anorexic and the idea of consuming foods such as potatoes or other starchy foods is too much for you to handle, because you view them as being “pure carbs” and therefore a threat, then increase the amount of wholegrain that you consume in your diet. This way you will get the carbohydrates that you require, in addition to some of the protein necessary for good health as well.

Magnesium will help to soothe your digestive system, and should be relied upon a lot more heavily than say fiber. Speaking of fiber, if you are recovering from anorexia, be careful to avoid a diet high in fiber as this will suppress your appetite.

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