Using Herbs To Treat Gouty Arthritis

As soon as a person is identified as suffering from gouty arthritis, the response is invariably the same the world over: the physician will provide the person in question with a prescription for painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication to try and bring the symptoms under control. If the gouty arthritis pain is especially severe, then the physician may decide that in the circumstances of the case, the patient would benefit from the usage of cortisone injection therapy.

The only problem with cortisone therapy is that it is a temporary and short-lived solution only, and so the patient will need to continue having the therapy in order to notice results. In addition, there are a number of risks associated with cortisone therapy, and so the patient runs the risk of having the density of their bones being reduced, not to mention developing the destruction whether partial or total, of the articular cartilage of the afflicted joint.

The painkillers which are commonly prescribed for gouty arthritis, which are codeine based, happen to be addictive and so the chances of the person suffering from gouty arthritis then developing an addiction to their painkillers will incrementally increase with the passage of time.  As if this was not already cause for alarm, it is important to appreciate that the actual effectiveness of codeine based painkillers will diminish the longer they are used for, and this is due to the fact that the patient using them will develop a physical tolerance towards them.

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Because of these issues, the person suffering from gouty arthritis should make use of herbal supplements and remedies to help provide them with some much needed pain relief. Nettles, which can be boiled for a soup, are an excellent means of directly reducing the amount of uric acid in the body, and when combined with parsley which itself is a potent diuretic herb, will further help to remove and purify the body of the presence of uric acid levels within it.

In the interim period until the gouty arthritis has been tackled entirely, the patient may wish to make use of spearmint to alleviate and control the pain.

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