Vitamin E And Sexual Dysfunction

Vitamin E And Sexual DysfunctionSexual Dysfunction is one of the most prevalent physiological problems in men. Sexual Dysfunction can be of many types including erectile dysfunction, weak libido, low sperm count, etc.

Sexual dysfunction is irritating and humiliating. Men start lacking confidence and end up being depressed. It not only takes a toll on your personal life but ends up affecting your professional life too.

It often leads to conjugal instability and leads to separation. However, cures are there for sexual dysfunction through proper medication and the most important thing to remember is keeping a positive mindset towards tackling the problem of sexual dysfunction without losing any self-confidence.

In the following article we are about to discuss how Vitamin E can help you in getting rid of sexual problems and helps you lead a normal sex life without worries.

Different Vitamin E And Sexual Dysfunction

Enhancing Your Sex Drive

The libido of a man depends on the levels of a hormone called testosterone in his body. Testosterone is responsible for male sex drive. It determines the level of sexual energy and interest in a guy. If the level of testosterone dips then it results in lack of sexual desire in a man and also affects his performance in the bedroom.

Vitamin E And Sexual Dysfunction

Vitamin E is known to increase the levels of testosterone in a male. Incorporating the right amount of Vitamin E in your regular diet helps you get rid of your sexual problems without undergoing any hormonal therapy.

Improving sperm count

Sperm Count refers to the number of live and active sperms per millimeter of semen produced by a man. Under normal circumstances, a millimeter of semen produced in a man should contain no less than 20 million sperms.

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Anything less than that is considered as an abnormal medical condition and is popularly known as Low Sperm Count. Low Sperm Count often results in male infertility.

Low Sperm count can happen because of particular infections, hormonal imbalance or genetic deterioration. Medically it has been found that consumption of Vitamin E in the right amount not only helps in increasing the number of sperms in male ejaculation but also improves the quality of sperms produced.

Vitamin E And Sexual Dysfunction

Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant that helps in countering the effects of free radicals that tampers with the process of sperm production and improves your sperm count. It also improves the motility of the sperms produced thus enabling them to travel the distance and fertilize the egg.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Vitamin E helps in reversing the effects of free radicals in your body and repairs the damaged tissues and muscles. Erection of male sexual organ can be improved by administering the right dose of Vitamin E as it improves the blood flow in the Penis and repairs the damaged and weak tissues of the organ.


The diet needs to have adequate amount of Vitamin E in it for solving your problems relating to sexual dysfunction. Consumption of Vitamin E enriched food like collard greens, kale, tomatoes, cranberries, broccoli, brussels sprouts, papaya, raspberries, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils helps in solving your sexual problems. Vitamin E supplements can also be had in consultation with your physician for achieving desired results.