What Are Severe Allergies?

What Are Severe Allergies

People live withallergy symptoms everyday and do not suffer from serious health conditions. However, some people have severe allergies that can threaten their life. Food allergies are the most common form of severe allergy. Milk allergies are common among young children and can be very serious. Milk allergy symptoms include difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing and shock. In many cases, if you consume dairy and have a milk allergy, you will need medical attention right away.  Milk is a severe allergy that must be detected and treated immediately.

Another common severe allergy is wheat. People that suffer from wheat allergies can experience extreme abdominal pain, swollen mouth and tongue, difficulty swallowing and difficulty breathing. It is similar to a gluten allergy, but when you have a wheat allergy, you can consume rye and barley with no reaction.  Both wheat and gluten are severe allergies that are becoming more and more common. Avoiding the harmful allergens altogether is the best way to avoid any serious reaction.

Astama Attack

Many people do not consider seasonal allergies to be a severe allergy type. However, for people that have a high sensitivity to pollen or certain type of trees and grass, seasonal allergies can cause serious health problems. Severe seasonal allergies is often the cause of asthma attacks. Since asthma and allergies go hand-in-hand, asthma attacks are fairly common during hay fever.  Congestion is a symptom of seasonal allergies and it leads to shortened breath and labored breathing. The asthma attack may not be avoidable.



Severe allergies can be brought on by any harmful allergen. If the person has a high sensitivity to it, they will get severe allergy symptoms. These symptoms can lead to other problems if not treated right away. Taking daily allergy medication and also having some form of quick-relief treatment is the best thing you can do to avoid a severe allergy attack.

If you suffer from any form of allergies, you should have options for if a severe allergy attack forms. Allergies can change throughout your lifetime and can become more severe as you age. You may think that you have your allergies under control, but at some point you might experience a serious reaction to an allergen.

What Are Severe Allergies

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