What is Hypertensive?

Hypertensive is a serious medical condition that is the result of extreme high blood pressure levels. The causes can be related to high blood pressure that has gone untreated or in certain cases the blood pressure increases without any previous symptoms. It is important to seek immediate medical care for this condition because it can lead to more serious conditions including brain damage, failure of the kidneys, rupturing of the blood vessels and heart attack.

Symptoms of hypertensive high blood pressure can be a throbbing in the head resulting in a headache; dizzy spells even when sitting still; reoccurring blurred vision; a loss of appetite; nausea and vomiting spells; sweating profusely, and shortness of breath.

Hypertensive is characterized by blood pressure readings that are over 180 systolic and diastolic readings over 120. The systolic and diastolic can both be high or just one of the readings can be high. In either circumstance you need to treat the problem immediately.

Treatment consists of attempting to lower the blood pressure back to normal levels. Lowering the blood pressure levels too quickly is not a good idea as it can cause brain damage if the blood pressure drops too fast. In rare cases death can even occur by lowering the blood pressure too fast because blood supply to the brain is cut off. Treatment of hypertensive conditions uses a mixture of medications, constant monitoring and placing the affected person in a quiet, stress-free environment.

Most of the cases of hypertensive are the result of people going off their high blood pressure medications without their physician’s approval. If you are taking medication for high blood pressure you should not discontinue the medication without the consent of your medical provider. If there is a problem with your high blood pressure medication that is causing side effects, you need to notify your physician immediately but do not discontinue taking the medication.

Stressful conditions can cause hypertensive high blood pressure, even in people not diagnosed with hypertension. If you find yourself in very stressful circumstances, it is a good idea to monitor your blood pressure daily. You should work to either eliminate the stress from your life or use stress relieving exercises.

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