Celebrities Beauty Tips

Celebrities Beauty Tips: You too can get that charm

Celebrities have to work hard to fulfil their work demands as well as social commitments. To maintain their image and appearance, they have an unavoidable routine. These celebrities are those people who are the most pampered ones and have access to best brands of beauty products, best beauty experts, cosmetologists and dieticians, hairstylists working for them. All these make easy for them to look gorgeous.

Celebrity Tip: Know the importance of Healthy Living

But with all these pampering, celebrities are also humans at the end of the day. They too have their own style and secrets. They look gorgeous does not mean that they always use highly expensive makeup and beauty products. You will be amazed to know that they also believe in using all natural and safe products for their skin as everybody else. There are many Hollywood actresses who believe in all the fundamentals of healthy living which include eating nutritious food, regular workouts, taking care of their skin, meditation and all that is needed for a good figure and glowing face.

We all get impress by celebrities by watching them at television, movies, magazines and more and want to look as gorgeous and impressive as them. It may little tedious but not impossible if you have little patience and zeal to look good. To follow a celebrity for looking great is not at all bad as it inspuires us for exercising, eating right food and using right skin care products.

Celebrity Tip: Eat Healthy Food

First celebrity beauty tip is beauty should reflect from inside. To achieve that, you should have healthy body, calm mind, peace at heart. For a healthy body, you need to eat nutritious food, which contains all vitamins and minerals required by your body. Drinking plenty of water and fluids to keep your body hydrated.

To keep your body in shape, you have to have a strict regime of daily workouts, like a celebrity, to tone up your body parts. Also keep a check over what you eat. According to Jessica Alba, do not hold your urges to eat what you like, but just control the amount of your favourite food. Do not starve yourself but do not binge also.

Celebrity Tip: Yoga and Meditation

To keep a fresh mood and calm mind, celebrities regularly practice yoga and meditation. It helps to keep check on their emotions and cravings. It reflects in their beauty and glow.

Celebrity Tip: Natural way to take care of skin

This was about body fitness, what about the skin of celebrities? Celebrities have to work in double shifts to complete their commitments and have odd sleeping hours. They also have to put layers of makeup and stay in intense lights for hours at a stretch, which make their skin sick. They take care of their skin religiously to stay in the in limelight.

They take resort of simple and ancient beauty tips which are common and make use of natural products you can easily find at home. Like Cindy Crawford keeps using spray of a lotion prepared by mixing equal parts of water and whole milk, to keep her gorgeous skin hydrated and moist all day. It gives her fresh look all the time.

To keep check on your bodyweight, you can use the trick followed by Daisy Fuentes. She drinks a solution of one litre water and one litre chamomile tea daily. This is her secrete to burn fat without workout!

To keep a glow on your face and have the firm skin, use the beauty tip used by Michelle Yeoh. Splash your face with water containing lemon juice. It is a good toner which maintains the PH balance of your skin and at the same time inexpensive too.

If you want to make your hair fluffy and lustrous like Catherine Zeta-Zones, massage your hair with castor oil at least twice a week. Also brush your teeth with strawberries to keep them gleaming like hers. Strawberry is a natural teeth whitener.

Julia Roberts massage her nails with olive oil to keep them glistening and strong. Donna Karan drinks mixed juice of apple, celery, carrots, parsley and cabbage to slim down to a perfect shape.

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