All about Makeup

Makeup is applied over the face to enhance your attractive natural features. Purpose of applying makeup is to help you look good and feel confident about yourself. Makeup includes usage of many cosmetic products. For a perfect makeup, you should know right application of each makeup accessory . With application of various makeup items, you can easily create a glowing complexion. You can create different look on different occasion with help of various color makeup items. Makeup improves the appearance and boosts the self-esteem.

Makeup Application

To look good, application of makeup should complement your natural features. You can easily learn the art of applying stunning makeup which enhances your natural look. In this process, you will learn about the kind of cosmetics to be used, colors to be used and many more such things. First step towards applying makeup is to collect all the basic tools like cosmetics, brushes etc.

Perfect makeup can be applied on the clear skin only. There is nothing worse for your skin than applying makeup over yesterday’s makeup on your skin; skin gets hurt due to clogging of pores. Another important effect of this is that makeup will look cakey and blotchy. Your whole appearance will look strange and undesirable.

Preparing base for Makeup

Right makeup can be applied over smooth base which is prepared by the use of foundation. So it is very important to find the right tone of foundation. If you apply foundation perfectly, you will get smooth and glowing face. You will have to experiment and consult some makeup expert to find out the right tone of foundation for your skin. You can choose from three different types of foundations namely, liquid, cream and powder foundations. You can apply foundation with the help of sponge for a translucent look. To blend it evenly and smoothly, you can use brush too. You can blend two color tones of foundation to match your skin. Concealer is another cosmetic, which is used to prepare base along with foundation. You can hide dark circles under eyes, any marks, discoloration or blemishes by the use of concealer. Tone of concealer should be a shade lighter than your skin tone. Concealer should be applied over the foundation.

Next step after preparing base is applying blush. Application of blush gives color to the face. With application of blush, your face gets a colorful hue. Blush is applied over the cheekbone in the direction of hairline. Keep one thing in mind; avoid overdoing it as it will give an artificial and dramatic look which is always undesirable. Do not match blush with your outfit, rather tone of blush should match your skin tone. The hue, you get on your cheeks when you blush, is the right blush tone for you. If you want to soften the effect of blush applied, dust some translucent powder over it.

Eye shadow is available in many shades. You can choose an eye shadow shade according to your outfit, occasion and your skin tone. Eye shadow can be powdery as well as creamy. Different eye shadow shades can be used at a same time to create different looks. You can give it subtle or dramatic look, according to the occasion.

Now apply eyeliner for eye makeup. Apply eyeliner with a steady hand. Eyeliner should be touching eyelashes. Keep eye muscles relaxed for applying the eye liner. Avoid applying thick eyeliner. Getting perfect eyebrow shape is also part of makeup. Eyebrow shape should be in tune with your natural facial features. If you have fine features, eyebrow shape should be thin and subtle. Apply brow color to fill in the gaps in the eyebrow. Brow color should match with your natural brow color.

Apply mascara on eyelashes to give it volume and depth. Twirl the mascara bottle; this way mascara wand will get fully covered with mascara. Wipe off extra mascara over a tissue. Apply two even coats of mascara to get desired density. On lower eyelashes, apply less of mascara; just touch the tips of lashes, keeping the wand vertical.

Now complete the makeup by application of lipstick. Like other color cosmetics, there is large variety of lipstick shades available to choose from. First apply moisturizer over the lips and then lip base. This will help the lip color stay for longer on the lips. Put a tissue between lips to blot away extra lipstick. Now apply another coat of lipstick.


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