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Body care is essential part of our daily health and beauty regime. Body care means taking care of each and every part of our body and skin. All of us want have a perfect body, though it is not possible to achieve as perfect are not the bodies; it is our attitude towards body that sees problems in body. There are real problems too like dry, flaky skin, ingrown nail, extra weight and more. We can do away with these problems with positive attitude, daily routine care and patience. Taking care of our body does not take much of our time; it becomes our lifestyle.

Having robust health is the most important part of body care. To achieve good health, you should follow healthy living. Healthy living is comprised of many elements like taking healthy and balanced diet, daily exercising, practicing yoga, meditation, taking care of your skin and different parts of your body. A healthy body has ability to fight minor and some major diseases by its immune system. Do not pay much importance to minor ailments as our body is competent enough to ward off such problems.

Healthy Diet:

Healthy diet means a balanced diet which includes all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins and others. You should eat plenty of green vegetables, sprouts, fresh fruits which contain anti-oxidants, grains, cereal and other components required by our body. You should eat your food at small intervals in small servings. It prevents you to binge on food when you starve too much. Do not starve yourself of your favorite food rather have it in small servings; it helps you control your body weight. Besides balanced food, drink plenty of water to keep your system clean by flushing out toxins and keeps the body hydrated. Healthy diet and water keeps the body active and skin glowing.

Exercising for Body Care:

Exercising is very important for health of your body. It increases the blood circulation and hence the oxygen level in our body. Exercising boosts up the immunity in our body. Daily work out help burn extra calories in our body and help you get a slimmer, fitter body. Walking is the best form of exercise. It warms up your body slowly and gradually. It is better than jogging as it leads to less wear and tear of your joints. Then for burning calories, you can do aerobic exercises. Yoga is very effective for keeping the body flexible.

Taking adequate Sleep:

For a healthy body and beautiful skin, you need adequate sound sleep. You need a sleep of 7-8 hours at a stretch at night. During sleep, our body goes into repair mode and repairs all the damaged tissues. It reduces stress and keeps your mind calm and fresh. You can also meditate to get your mind relaxed and stress-free.

Body Care of Different Body Parts:

Apart from these general rules of health, you should take care of different body parts. First rule is to take proper care of hygiene of your body. Keep your skin clean and free from any accumulation of dead cells by bathing daily. Use a mild cleanser which suits your skin type. Apply moisturizer afterwards to keep the skin moist by trapping natural moisture of the skin.

Hair Care:

Wash your hair regularly to remove dirt, flakes, pollutants and other impurities which get accumulated in hairs. Massage your hairs with warm vegetable oil at least twice a week before washing. It gives deep conditioning and nourishment to your hair. It also increases blood circulation in follicles. After shampoo, apply a conditioner to keep your hair shining and silky.


It is a method which keeps your hands beautiful and strong. For manicure, hands are dipped in lukewarm water containing mild shampoo and chemicals for few minutes and then scrub gently to remove dead skin cells. Give proper shape to the nails and massage hands with a nourishing cream. Apply nail paint. This method helps to keep away nail infections.


It is the method of taking care of foot. Procedure is just like manicure. But skin of foot and heels, is harder than that of hands so you need a stronger cleanser and more scrubbing.

Aromatherapy Massage:

You can get a massage for your whole body with essential aromatic oils. It helps to drain out lymphatic fluids and makes joints flexible.


You should avoid taking alcohol, hot beverages like tea, and coffee, smoking or taking steroids. Avoid sleeping at late hours. Avoid a diet containing high sugar rather prefer sugar-free diet.

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