Skin Whitening

Skin Whitening: How to achieve it?

The term skin whitening means lightening of pigment of skin by different methods. Skin whitening refers to cosmetic methods applied to whiten the skin. Skin is darkened due to enzymes in the skin pigment cells. Women, especially Asian women, have always tried to get clearer and fairer skin.

Flawless and clear skin helps get better appearance and boosts confidence. Skin pigment, melanin, is reduced by different methods to make the skin tone lighter during skin whitening procedure.

Skin gets dark due to formation of dark spots. These dark spots are formed by increase and built up of melanin. Production of melanin is increased due to sun exposure and skin become dark. Other reason for getting dark complexion is age; skin gets hyper pigmentation with increasing age. Melanin gets accumulated in the skin of arms, legs, back etc.

It is said that beauty is not in getting fairer skin but you should have smooth texture of skin irrespective of skin color. But skin whitening is beneficial for the people who need to have fairer skin due to professional reasons. Also, it is helpful for the people who get dark skin color due to some medical reasons and they want their original skin tone. Skin whitening agents are help to improve texture of skin. It alters skin texture to brighter and translucent form from the rough and blemished one.

Skin Whitening Products:

 Over the years cosmetic companies are investing in research for finding great solutions of skin whitening. There is wide array of skin whitening products available in the market, ranging from low cost to expensive ones, but all are promising to give fairer complexion. Fairer skin definitely attracts the attention of people around them irrespective of their facial features, that’s why white skin is in demand.

Most of the skin-whitening products contain chemicals like hydroquinone, kojic acid, arbutin, azealic acid, ascorbic acid, glycyrhetinic acid. These chemicals act as inhibitors of the enzyme, tyrosinase, in the pigment cells, melanocytes. Melanocytes produce melanin.

Some of the skin whitening agents target darkening of skin due to specific disorder.

Skin whitening agents act in specific manner to lighten the skin. Skin renews itself after every 28 days. Action of skin whiteners starts after the old skin cells are shed off. Then new skin cells containing less melanin come to the surface of skin. This skin layer of new cells is even smoother and fairer.

 Using skin whitening products in routine along with proper skin care gives positive results and it will prevent skin from getting darker. The most widely used skin whitening agent is hydroquinone. But recently according to some studies, it has shown some toxic effects. There are safer alternatives like arbutin, kojic acid and licorice derivatives.

Arbutin is the most recent discovery. It is better than other products as it does not show any toxic effects and odor is also not displeasing. It is extracted from blueberry plant by solid extraction which is environmentally safe procedure. Besides lightening of skin, Arbutin prevents liver spots, freckles and pigmentation.

Kojic Acid, which is a fungal metabolic product, inhibits the catecholase action of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is important enzyme for synthesis of skin pigment melanin. Kojic acid is used to treat sun damaged skin. It is used in combination with glycolic acid. Retinol, which is vitamin A in natural form, is applied topically to exfoliate the skin to bring smoother and lighter skin to the surface. 

To prevent darkening of skin, you should apply sunscreen lotion with effective SPF. It prevents harmful UV rays to darken the skin.

Some effective Home treatments for Skin Whitening:

 Besides all the chemical based cosmetic products for skin whitening, you can also use some home remedies for this purpose. If used regularly, you will see positive results.

Apply a paste of turmeric powder and lime juice to reduce tan with their natural bleaching abilities. Another remedy is to prepare a mixture of 1 tsp milk powder, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp honey and ½ tsp almond oil. Apply it daily for 10-15 and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Rubbing of raw potato over the blemishes and tan gives positive results because of its bleaching qualities. Take 4 blanched almonds and grind them with milk. Apply it over your skin overnight and wash with cold water. Within 15 days, you will see the change.

Apart from these home remedies, you should take wholesome diet which includes all the essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals required for glowing healthy skin.




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