Hand Care

Effective Tips for Hands Care

Hands are the most important tools you can have. You can not work without hands. Hands give you that lovely touch, let you eat, cook, shake hands, write and list is endless. No matter how much you care about your body, but if you do not care your hands, it will defy your age. Hands are important part of a woman’s personality and are used very much in a communication. Beautiful hands add to your charm.

Skin at the back of hands is very soft and thin. It needs lot of care and pampering. Skin of hands shows wrinkles very quickly if not cared for. Hand care is must for keeping the hand’s skin soft, supple, young and beautiful. Beautiful hands are the result of dedicated hand care. For that you can follow some do’s and don’t at home and can also visit a professional manicurist once a week for professional hand care.

Palms of hands are very thick and tough and also it does not have any sebaceous glands. So it gets dry and rough. It needs protection and lubrication because there is no natural moisture in hands. You need to apply moisturizer on hands many times a day.

Follow these tips for hand care:

While doing any household work involving use of harsh detergents and soaps like doing laundry or dish washing, wear cotton lined rubber hand gloves. Also wear gloves when you do gardening.

Keep a moisturizing cream near basin, so that whenever you wash your hands, apply it. For proper application of cream, after washing, pat dry your hands and massage your hands with moisturizer. Moisturizers containing chemicals like urea of lactic acid are better for trapping the moisture in the skin.

For removing stains left by household works like dishwashing, cutting of vegetables and fruits etc, massage your hands and nails with lemon slice just twice a week. Do not over do it because it can make the skin dry.

Massage your hands with olive oil at night daily.

Prepare a mixture of olive oil and lime juice and apply it on your hands. It will make them smooth and shiny.

Mix 2 parts cucumber juice and one part glycerin and apply n your hands to moisturize them.

You can also apply almond oil at night. Almond oil is full of vitamin E and it nourishes the skin of hands and makes them glow.

Take glycerin, limejuice and tomato juice and in equal proportion. Apply it on your hands. It will not only cleanse and bleach color of hands but also make them smooth. Leave this mixture on hands for about 15 minutes and then wash.

To bleach the color of your hands, prepare a mixture of milk cream, ground almond, few drops of glycerin and lemon juice.

Another tip for bleaching is to soaking your hands in water in which potatoes were boiled. Water should be lukewarm. Dip your hands for about 15-20 minutes and after taking out pat dry and apply a moisturizer.

Another method is to rubbing boiled mashed potatoes on hands, fingers and nails.

Protect your hands from harmful sunrays by applying sun protecting cream.

Prepare a mixture of Carbolic acid and Vaseline and rub on your hands. It makes hands soft.

Another wonderful mixture for hands is prepared from honey and orange juice. Honey is humectants and orange juice has AHA.

To prepare a hand mask mix mashed boiled potato and milk. Apply it over hands and leave it to dry. Rinse and wash with cold water.

Application of white of eggs also makes a hand mask. It makes the skin tight and prevents formation of wrinkles.

When you work with detergents and harsh soaps, PH balance of skin gets disturbed. To restore the PH balance of skin, rinse your hands with vinegar and water solution or sour milk after washing dishes or doing laundry.

You can prepare a nourishing hand cream by mixing 1 tsp honey and 3 tbsp of unsalted butter. Add to this 1 tbsp of concentrated herbal solution. This herbal solution is prepared by boiling 1 cup of water and steeping in one or all herbs like chamomile, sage, nettle, and calendula. It will make a rich nourishing cream and make your hands smooth and silky.

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