Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of yoga: Transform the Complete Self

Yoga is an ancient practice and is performed by yogis for thousands of years in India . Yoga is mainly getting control of your body and mind by performing various asanas. It helps to detoxify body and mind and help them attain purified form. It slows down the aging process by keeping the body detoxified, flexible and well lubricated. Yoga gives positive results by including practices of yogasanas, pranayam and meditation.

There are innumerable direct or indirect benefits of yoga which we can not count in this small article. Still, we can get an overview of benefits of yoga. Many disorders of body are treated by cleansing practices of yoga.

Increasing the flexibility:

Yoga is highly effective for increasing the flexibility. Mudras or the positions of yoga work wonders for the flexibility of joints of the body. It creates movements in those joints got inactive due to non-movement.

Lubrication in Joints:

 Joints, ligaments and tendons get more of lubrication. There are well researched yoga mudras which help increase lubrication in joints. These positions exercise various ligaments and tendons of the body. You can not do different movements separately but by a yoga positions, different interrelated movements work upon to create lubrication and movement in inactive joints. It is very beneficial for the patients suffering from arthritis.

Detoxifies the body and increase Blood Circulation:

Yoga helps in flushing out toxins and hence cleansing the body. By performing various yoga positions, there is proper blood circulation. Yoga helps in proper absorption of nutrition by various parts of the body. Yoga revitalizes the body, delays aging and creates a balanced mind. It creates a feeling of zest for life.

Benefit Of Yoga for treating Disorders:

By regularly practicing yogasanas and meditation, we can treat wide array of disorders which are caused by pollution, unhealthy living style and stress. Yoga is helpful in treating diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, arteriosclerosis, heart problems and varicose veins. Researchers are even studying effects of yoga on HIV and are getting quite positive results.

It is found during researches that by performing yoga asanas, a balance between endocrine system and nervous system is created and it makes a positive influence on all the body organs and metabolism.

Creates Balance Between Physical and Mental Self:

The important impact of yoga is in creating balance between physical and mental self of a person. It has curative as well as preventive qualities. Yoga help attain improved concentration power, mental calm, relaxed state of living.

Controls Breathing Problems:

Yoga is very beneficial for the getting control of breathing problems. There are some yogic breathing exercises which help to come over the problem of shortness of breath.

 Yoga is beneficial In Pain Management:

Another positive result of yoga is pain management. Yoga helps to secrete natural painkillers by regulating gate-controlling system situated in spinal cord through brain’s pain center.

Pranayam mudras of yoga help to relax stress and tension. When you exhale muscles get relaxed and by increasing the time of exhalation, you can achieve slow and relaxed respiration and create calmer self which helps in pain management.

Meditation is another technique which helps reduce the feeling of pain. Yoga is beneficial for pain management because it creates self-awareness. It gives awareness to take preventive and protective action

Reduces Weight:

If you regularly practice yoga asanas, yoga gives better results than other form of exercises for weight management. Yoga helps to attain an optimum weight needed by a healthy body. Yoga just does not slim down the body by burning calories but it helps to tone up the body by forming proper curves.

The various well researched yoga positions help to stimulate week glands to step up their hormonal activity. Thyroid gland controls the metabolism of the body and so it affects the body weight. Though every position has some kind of effect on reducing weight but fish posture and shoulder stand specially performed for stimulating thyroid gland.

By performing yoga positions, fat metabolism is increased and fat is converted into energy and muscle. It helps in reducing weight by burning fat and improving muscle tone and energy level.

Yoga helps increase Concentration:

Regular practice of yoga helps to increase concentration and memory by creating mental calmness and deeper understanding, increasing body awareness, relaxing mind by releasing chronic stress.

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