Skin Problems

Skin Problems

What is skin Problems?

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It is a protective organ and it protects inner organs of our body from ill effects of environment. It saves other organs from the infection of microorganism. In this process of protecting, skin itself develops many problems. It develops rashes, blemishes, warts and many other problems. Sometimes, skin manifests any serious disease in the form of rashes.

Cause of Skin Problems:

There are many external factors which creates problems on the skin. These external factors include air pollution, sun rays, and infection from microorganisms, insect bites, weather conditions, chemicals, detergents and side effects from some medicines. Some insect bites can cause some kind of skin reaction or allergic reaction. Lack of good nutrition also causes many skin problems.

Another great factor which causes damage to the skin is exposure to the harmful sun rays. Excessive exposure to sun rays creates skin tanning, sunburns, wrinkled and dry skin. Sun rays can even lead to skin cancer.

Effect OF skin Problems:

If you do not take proper care of skin and your health, you may get skin problems. Applying lots of cosmetics may lead to skin problems later in life. There are many skin problems which you can avoid by taking timely attention to the skin. Mild skin problems can be treated at home with some precautions and over the counter drugs. But there are other skin problems which need urgent medical attention.

It is not advisable to blindly follow any treatment, it is must to identify the cause and seek proper care. Skin problems may not be life-threatening but of course skin problems are very irritating and disturbing. Another result of skin problems is cosmetic. Due to any skin problem, your looks are suffered. Sometimes skin problems come in way of your social networking also. Other people do not want to keep contact with the person suffering with skin problems like eczema.

Various skin Problems:

Skin is prone to problems like rosacea, wrinkles, acne, eye bags, and puffiness of face, spider veins, varicaose veins and many more. There some other common skin problems are cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, dermographism and ingrown hairs.

Treatments are available for many skin problems. But to treat any skin problems, you have to identify the source of skin problems. Any skin treatment regimen is based upon the cause of skin problem. Most of the skin problems, blemishes or any imperfections are caused by some kind of skin infection. This skin infection may vary in severity.

Rashes are the most common symptom of any skin problem. You should find out whether it is the result of any internal infection like in hives or some localized or external infection. Do not ignore even mild rashes because it may be indicating a very serious skin problem.

Sometimes when skin burns due to sunrays, it takes the form of skin rashes. Bacteria forms circular, localized rashes but when they take the form of streaks and move out of their localized area of infection, you should consult a doctor for medical advice. It becomes quite difficult to control skin problem at your own when infection gets increased.

Pimples and acne are the very common kind of skin problems people all over the world have to face. This is also the most common kind of skin problem people want to treat. This is a hormonal kind of zit activity which everybody goes through during puberty. Most of the times, these are minor skin problems, you can treat at home by taking help of age-old remedies.

When your skin reacts to any internal or external exposure, it is called allergy. When you usually remove the cause of allergy, symptoms on skin vanish. But in some cases it takes, severe form which has to be treated with proper medicines.

Most of the skin problems are caused by bacteria but there are other factors like environment, yeast, fungi which cause ringworm, skin modifications or some inherited skin problems like psoriasis, eczema.

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