Leucoderma : Causes and Treatments

 Leucoderma is skin disorder which is also known as the vitiligo. It is quite a distressing condition in which skin appears white in patches. Leucoderma means white skin. Skin gradually becomes white due to loss of pigment melanin in skin layer. Apart from cosmetic concern, leucoderma is absolutely harmless condition. Though vitiligo on fair skin often goes unnoticed but it looks ugly on dark colored skin. Leucoderma is not the result of any infection by microorganisms. It is neither infectious nor contagious.

Leucoderma patches may be in various shapes and sizes. Also any part of the body can get affected by it. And the good news is that leucoderma is curable. There are plenty of otions for treatment for leucoderma. If the person affected starts the treatment as early as possible, results are very good.

Symptoms of Leucoderma:

 Leucoderma starts usually with a white spot which gradually expends to become a large patch. Also in early stages, leucoderma patches are pale in color and eventually become white due to total loss of pigment in that area.

There are many white spots in the beginning which merge to become a patch. In some cases, almost whole body gets covered with these patches.

What are the causes Of Leucoderma?

There are many reasons responsible for occurrence of leucoderma.

Ecessive Mental Worry is said to be one of the main cause of leucoderma.

Chronic or acute gastric disorders

Some problems with hepatic function like jaundice, typhoid

Parasites in alimentary canal

Defective perspiration system

Burn injuries

Heredity is also a very important factor responsible for leucoderma

Treatment Options for Leucoderma

There are many treatment options available for the Leucoderma. Doctors may prescribe any of the following medicines or combination of treatments. Theses treatments include internal medicines, topical applications, dep-pigmentation therapy, radiation therapy, photosensitivity therapy. All the treatments have certain degree of effectiveness and their own limitations.

Allopathy Treatment:

The most effective drugs for leucoderma are Psoralen, Melonocyl and few others. Skin is exposed to sun after applying these medicines topically. Sometimes antioxidants are given orally. Anotehr theraoy is called PUVA in which Psoralen is applied and then skin is exposed to uiltra violet rays.

Homeopathy Treatment:

Homeopathy offers a very effective treatment as it goes to the root of the problem and builds up the immunity. This gradually restores the pigment back to original form and skin color becomes normal.

Ayurvedic Treatment:

Babchi Oil is applied over the de-pigmented areas.

Home Remedies for Leucoderma:

Babchi Seeds:

Psoralea or babchi seeds are the best remedy for leucoderma. Babchi seeds are steeped in ginger juice for three days. The liquid is changed everyday. Then, using your hands, rub these seeds to remove husk. Dry in shade and grind them to make powder. For fort days, take 1 gram of this powder with one cup of fresh milk. This powder can be applied also on white patches.

Red Clay Treatment:

Red clay, found on river side or hill slopes, is effectively used to treat leucoderma. Mix this clay with ginger juice in equal ration and apply it over the spots. Red clay contains copper in plenty and copper works to bring the skin color back. Ginger juice acts as a stimulant and helps in increased blood flow in white patches. Also drink water from copper utensil, kept overnight.

Radish treatment:

Take about 35 gram of powdered radish seeds and make a paste of it by mixing with 2 tsp of vinegar. Apply this regularly over the white patches on the skin.

Use of turmeric:

A paste of turmeric and mustard oil is used to treat leucoderma. Take ½ kg of turmeric and soak it in 8 liters of water overnight. Boil it in the morning till one liter water is left. Strain this mixture and mix it with 500 ml of mustard oil. Heat this till only oil is left. Strain this mixture and keep it in a bottle. Apply this mixture twice a day for few months until you get positive results.

Goose foot is a vegetable beneficial for treating leucoderma. Eat this vegetable for at least for two months, twice a day.

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