Makeup Application Tips

Makeup Application Tips

It is said that makeup application enhances your natural looks. But this is the case when you apply makeup in proper way. If you apply makeup in haphazard way, it will ruin your looks.

There are many components of makeup like foundation, eye makeup, lipstick application and blush. There is a proper method to apply each makeup component.

First step for makeup application is preparing the base for the makeup. Makeup base is prepared by foundation, concealer and loose powder. It gives smooth and flawless complexion to the face and any color cosmetic you apply over it will give radiant looks.

Then apply eye makeup which includes eye shadow application, eyeliner application and applying mascara. Then comes blush application and applying lipstick.

Some Useful Makeup Application Tips:

First and foremost tip about makeup application is, avoid applying too much makeup. Applying excessive makeup will bring negative attention towards you.

Overdone eyeliner gives unnecessary negative and dramatic effect.

Carefully select the foundation color. Shade of foundation should match your skin tone otherwise it will give cakey looks. Avoid selecting very lighter shade of foundation.

For your day makeup, best use daylight and for party makeup you can use artificial lights.

For fine eye makeup, use a hand mirror.

Before applying makeup, make sure that your skin is freshly cleaned, toned and moisturized.

After applying moisturizer over skin, wait for five minutes and then apply foundation.

For perfect makeup application, use of right tools is very essential.

Avoid applying in hurry, give it sufficient time.

Use good quality cosmetics as cheaper ones will damage your skin in long run.

Do not forget to remove makeup before sleeping at night. Makeup particles clog up the skin pores.

To make the broad nose appear thin, you should apply dark shade of foundation on both sides of the nose.

For oily skin, cake foundations are the best and avoid lanolin base foundation.

To cover up double-chin, dark shade of foundation underneath. And if you want to highlight your chin, use light shade of foundation.

Apply lip liner all over the lips; it will help lip color stay longer.

After foundation, apply loose powder to set foundation.

For perfect foundation, blending is the key; apply it around lips, on the corner of eyes, ears and neck to give an even tone all over.

Select colors of cosmetics according to your skin tone. If you have dark skin and dark hair, you should use dark colored cosmetics and if you have light skin tone, lighter shades complement well. Light shades on dark skin tone give washed out looks and dark colors on light skin tone give gaudy appearance.

Wear makeup according to the time and occasion. Wear light makeup during daytime and for a night party, dark colors blend well with fluorescent lights.

For oily skin, first use oil control moisturizer.

During the day, use touch-ups of face powder to keep the makeup fresh all the day.

Always keep your brushes clean to keep them bacteria free.

Cream eyeshadows are best blended using fingers.

Eyeliner should be applied just near the base of eyelashes.

Avoid applying thick line of eyeliner; it makes eyes tired and heavy.

To cover under eye dark circles, red spots and blemishes, people often use foundation but for this purpose use concealer instead of foundation.

Tiny tipped brush is the best for applying concealer.

Dust loose translucent powder over concealer to set it and prevent creasing.

Before applying lipstick, prepare a base on lips by applying foundation.

After applying a coat of lipstick, press a tissue between both lips and blot extra lipstick. After that, apply second coat of lip color. It will help lipstick stay longer.

Avoid frosty lipsticks over fuller lips.

For mature lips, creamy lipsticks look the best.

Apply lipliner only inside the lips if you want to make them appear small. But do not apply lip liner outside the lips if you want make them appear larger.

For heavy eyelashes, apply two coats of mascara.

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