Hairstyle and Cut

Right Hairstyle and Cut Advice

You can have great haircut if you follow certain guidelines and advice from experts. If you have big nose, you can have a haircut with plenty of volume at the crown. It will draw away attention from your negative feature on the face.

If you have long nose and long chin, try a hair style which creates more length and keeps the hairs away from the face.

People with long face should choose a style in which length of hair finishes above the chin and have some fringes.

Try a bob which is shorter at the nape and longer in the front if you have double or small chin.

How can you avoid getting Bad Hair cut?

You can avoid bad hair cut if you take care of small tips. You should visit a hairstylist whom you trust or who has good reputation. Consult hairstylist before getting g hair cut. You should your homework before getting a hairstyle. For that you can browse through some magazines or hairstyle websites. Get a printout or photograph of the hairstyle you like. Then take it to your hairstylist and discuss whether it will suit your face or not. Any haircut, you decide, should fit shape of your face, your facial features and your personality. Another thing is before getting an actual haircut; first agree with stylist about what will be the actual outcome. He will demonstrate this by his fingers.

Some Common Haircut Mistakes:

Many times people do not get perfect hair cut and there is risk of many mistakes. Some common haircut mistakes are:

Hair at the crown is shorter than rest of the hairs or top layers are left too long.

Layers are not cut evenly. Hairs at the back are too longer than hairs on the sides. Sides cut are not symmetrical; one side is longer than the other. Bangs are cut shorter than required.

Ways to Disguise Bad Haircut:

If you have had a bad haircut, you can wait for few weeks to get it changed. In the mean time, there are tricks which can help you to disguise your bad hair cut.

If you got your bangs short, get them even shorter and apply some gel to have pointed spikes.

You can change the appearance of haircut by messing up hairs with fingers. If you have got shorter hair, apply gel or pomade and blow dry to add volume at the bottom.

Few Guidelines regarding haircuts:

Short hairs make women glamorous, stylish and confident about their looks. You need a hair cut every 6-8 weeks to maintain the short haircut. Short hairs need low maintenance and dry on their own quickly after washing. Short hairs are the style of working and women on the move. There are few popular haircuts listed below:

The Pixie: This style is choppy, uneven and messy. But this is the part of fun. This style is good for any type of face.

Long and Short: This cut looks best for the oval shaped face. It can create volume to fine and straight hairs. Hairs look full of motion. In this style, hairs are little long at the back and rest are choppy. Uneven bangs tucked behind ears and rest left in front look amazing.

Short Bob: This style is for poker straight hairs and looks best on the oval or square faces. If you have round face, go for longer hairs. Keep the longest cut an inch above the chin. Keep it maintained by visiting salon monthly.

Blunt Bob: This style is not for curly hairs. It can make fine hairs look thicker by its bob. Bangs should be above the brow and there should be a neat horizontal cut to emphasis volume at the bottom.

Short Shag: Looks good on delicate and fine faces. There are long hairs at the crown, not on the back of the head. While hairs are still damp, blow dry and keep tousling. Turn the ends out.

 Romantic Bob: Get your hair cut to fall about middle of the neck. This style works best for the wavy medium length hairs.

Angled Bobs: This fits most with round faces. It makes the face look longer. Though it can work for any hair type, but it looks best for straight and fine hairs. 

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