Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup: Basic Method and Its Variations

Eyes are the most attractive and talkative feature on the face. To enhance the beauty of the eyes, you need to know right method and technique of eye makeup. This is an art and it becomes better with practice. Another important requirement for perfect eye makeup is right kind of makeup products and tools. For eye makeup, you must know how to work with brush and how to blend colors.

Most attractive shape of eyes is considered to be almond shape. The effort is to get that perfect shape with help of blending various colors. Still basic objective of eye makeup is to enhance the attraction of natural shape instead of hiding it. Only carefully applied eye makeup can achieve this objective. Eye makeup is not just simple makeup but it is series of steps, involving different makeup products and tools.

Before applying any eye makeup, choose foundation according to your skin tone and apply it all over your face carefully. Cover all the points like corner of eyes so that there is no difference in skin tone. Now prepare base for eye makeup. Apply eye shadow primer over the eyelid, start from base of the eyelid to just under brow bone. Though this step is optional but it is very beneficial as it helps eye makeup to stay for longer period.

Now select the eye shadow shade which complements your skin tone, eye color and your outfit, occasion. Select a light shade and apply it just below the eyebrows. Take a medium shade of eye shadow and apply it over rest of the eyelid. Apply darker shade of eye shadow over the crease of the lid to give depth to the eyes. Now blend both colors skillfully to give them natural look.

After eye shadow, apply eyeliner. Eyeliner can be liquid or dry in the pencil or cake form. Dry eyeliners give softer and smoky look and are easy to apply. Liquid eyeliners give sharp and dramatic look. To apply liquid eyeliner, you need to have practice and patience. Eyeliner brush should have pointed tip and draw a continuous smooth line, just touching the lashes but do not apply over the lashes. After completing all the eye makeup, apply mascara over the eyelashes. Mascara helps to define eyes. It makes the eyes look wider. With application of mascara, lashes seem long and thick. Mascara gives an attractive look to eyes.

Variations in Eye Makeup

Natural Designs of Eye Makeup

There can be many variations in eye makeup. Most of the designs take inspiration from natural shapes. Eye makeup can be as dramatic as possible. Neutral shades like beige, the natural designs. For natural eye look, single tone or double tones are applied where shades like taupe and gray dominate. For single tone eye makeup, apply a thin film of neutral shade eye shadow with a round brush from base of eyelid to brow bone. Combine it with application of clear mascara to give it definite look. This is not a high impact look but just fine for a sober natural look.

Dual tone eye makeup design involves use of two eyeshadow shades. Using a round brush, apply lighter shimmery shade from crease to brow bone. Then choose a slightly darker shade like light brown or mink and apply it on the eyelid. But the most important is to blending for a natural look; blend both colors at the crease. It is important to note that, in beginning apply less of eyeshadow and you add more later on. Give this natural look according to the season also. Choose shades for dual tone according to season; medium tones for summers. You can apply darker tones in winters but apply only thin layer of shade to have natural look. Apply pastel shades in springs.

Dramatic Designs of Eye makeup

If you are working for dramatic designs, you can use any dark and unusual colors also. Smoky eyes and more colorful styles make dramatic designs. For applying dramatic designs, you need to have more artistic skills and practice. For creating smoky eye look, you should know how to work closer to lash line, how to blend tactfully.

Coordination of various colors is the key to dramatic look. You can replace dark shades with jewel tones for a professional look. Apply thin eyeliner line on lash line and smudge it lightly but not like smoky eyes and then apply mascara; it will give fuller look to lash line. You can apply two shades horizontally too, on the eyelid but blend them well to have more natural look.

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