Dark Circles

Dark Circles: Know About Them

Having dark circles is a common problem. It is more noticeable in people with dark skin. Dark circles means darkness of skin around eyes. Sometimes these under eye dark circles are known as the “bags under the eyes”. It makes the person look tired, unhealthy or ail. Cosmetically too, dark circles make the looks ugly and undesirable.

Skin around eyes is very thin and sensitive; it makes skin around eyes more prone to darkness than skin of rest of the face. Generally skin under eyes becomes dark due to changes in the blood vessels in that part of the skin. It is observed that darkening of under eye skin is sometimes is the result of some disorder like atopic eczema. Formation of under eye dark circles is often inherited condition.

When blood circulates in thick veins around eyes, it produces a bluish tint around the eyes as skin of eyes is very thin. If you have very transparent skin which is again an inherited condition, then it appears darker. Due to excessive exposure to sun, skin becomes thin and wrinkled. At the same time veins positioned just below the skin, look more prominent. This combination of prominent veins and wrinkles creates dark circles. Pigmentation is also the cause of dark circles.

What are the Causes of Dark Circles?

There are many causes for getting dark circles. In some people, it is hereditary to have dark circles under eyes. Lack of sleep and tiredness are also the major cause of dark circles. It has something to do with changes in blood supply. Excessive folds in skin may also increase the darkness of circles. Having excessive sugar is also a reason for dark circles. Dark circles are an indication that kidney and liver are carrying excessive toxic load. Excessive production of melanin also produces shadow of dark circles. Sometimes, bone structure of eyes is also a reason in some people; deep set eyes seem to create a dark shadow. Excessive exposure to sunrays also a great cause of dark circles.

Other Causes of Dark circles are:

Lack of iron or any vitamin



A sunken look is created by fat loss.

Signs and Symptoms of Dark Circles:

Darkness of skin under eyes


How to Get rid of dark Circles

 For getting rid of dark circles, there is not a single device or medicine which you can take; rather it is a general approach you have to follow. First advice in this regard is getting proper sleep. Sufficient sleep can prevent formation of dark circles. Then another thing is to eat well balanced nutrition to do away with any lack of vitamin. Drinking plenty of water help to flush out any toxins accumulated under the skin. Doing cardiovascular exercises help to increase blood circulation in the blood vessels.

You can conceal the under eye dark circles by applying makeup concealers. If dark circles are caused by some illness, treat the cause of that illness. You should gently tap under your eyes two three times with your fingers, to increase the blood circulation in the skin. Whenever you go out in sun, always wear anti-glare sunglasses to protect eyes from harmful rays of sun.

Avoid the use of any bleaching agent or peel to lighten the dark circles around eyes; skin of eyes is very delicate, these things harm the skin. Do not leave any cream around eyes for than 10 minutes. Only apply under eye creams instead of other skin creams.

Some Remedies for Dark Circles:

 Take a slice of potato or cucumber and place it over your closed eyes for 1-50 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water and apply a under eye cream containing vitamin E.

Grate a small potato and ½ cucumber and strain to get their juice. Apply this juice on skin around eyes with the help of cotton balls.

Make a paste of fresh mint leaves and apply it on dark circles.

Take few drops of almond oil and massage gently around eyes. Almond is very good skin tonic and you will start getting positive results within two weeks.

There is acupressure technique for improving this condition. Press the mount below the index finger.  

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