Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage: Relaxes Mind and Body

Aromatherapy means healing by smells. It is a branch of alternative medicines. Aromatherapy is very ancient and it relaxes, revitalize and heals using extracts of various parts of a plant; flowers, roots, fruits, seeds etc. Essential oils derived from these parts of plants form the basis of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy massage works wonders to heal. There is miraculous power of healing in massage. In aromatherapy massage, extracts of plants called essential oils are used. These are very concentrated oils. These oils should not be used directly but they are diluted by adding them to some carrier oil and also more than one essential oil are added to have more effective results. Blending of two essential oils is said to be synergy. Essential oils are life form of parts of plants and they are extracted by the process of distillation, cold expression or alcohol extraction.

How Does Aromatherapy Massage Work?

As told above essential oils are basis of aromatherapy massage. Our brain has limbic system which controls our feelings and emotions and affects our nervous system and hormonal system. Limbic system has nostril as its part. When the molecules of essential oils enter nostrils, they get transferred to limbic system and it affects stress level, heart rate, blood pressure, memory, digestion or immune system. These oils energize or relax us. This reduces stress and fastens up the healing process. Many of these oils have anti-viral, anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities.

Benefits of aromatherapy Massage:

Essential oils get absorbed into the skin by massage and then get transferred to bloodstream. There is magic of touch in massage. A massage is very effective and useful in different ways.

It gives pleasure to both; giver and receiver.

It soothes the nervous system

It increases the blood circulation

Relaxes the muscle tone and soothes any pain in muscle and joints

Aromatherapy Massage is beneficial in conditions like insomnia, headache, digestive disorders, back pain, premenstrual syndrome and many more.

Various Kinds of Essential Oils used for Aromatherapy Massage:

Different essential oils have different qualities and hence different effect on body. Let’s take a view of effect of some popular essential oils.

Lavender Oil:

It helps calming and soothing. Also, it is antiviral and antibacterial.


Relaxant and antidepressant. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic.


Energizing, cleansing, helps improve blood circulation and relieves pain.



Tea Tree Oil:

It is antifungal and antibacterial. It is decongesting.


Helps to balance the mind and body with its calming qualities.

While buying essential oils, make sure that it is not synthetic, prepared in laboratory from chemicals. These oils may be cheaper but their effects on body are not known and may be harmful for the body.

The Basic Movements / Techniques of Aromatherapy Massage:

For a soothing and calming massage for your friends and family, you need not be an expert. You should know some basic strokes. First thing to be remembered that strokes should be towards heart in accordance with blood circulation. Long strokes with small pressure are the most relaxing and most soothing. It is done by movement of whole hand.

To increase blood flow, use patting and tapping movements of your fingers in slow as well as fast movements. It is done at cheeks, forehead and neck. Another stroke involves squeezing and relaxing of muscles. This is done with both hands and removes waste, strengthen muscle fiber and gives relaxation.

Another type of massage stroke is by rubbing of hands forward and backward. This movement creates warmth like one created when you rub both your hands in winters.

If an aromatherapy massage is done by a professional, gives massage by pressing some pressure points.

Useful Tips for Aromatherapy Massage:

Aromatherapy massage is very soothing for all but there are certain dos and don’ts, which we should not forget.

Avoid massage if you have one or more of following conditions.

Avoid massage after a heavy meal as it disturbs the metabolism.

If the person is feverish or ill.

Over any infected area.

On bruised and broken skin

Over area where varicose veins are there.

If the person has swelling or inflammation.

Preparation before massaging:

Make the room warm before massaging

Fill the room with aromas of essential oils

Hands must be warm before massaging as cold hands are not right to start massage

Bright lights are not soothing during massage; make the lights dim in the room to create right atmosphere

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