Foot Massage

Foot Massage: Relaxes tired Foot

Foot is our support and through foot only we can stand, walk, run, and lift. Foot gets lots of wear and tear all the day. A relaxing foot massage is all you can gift to your near and dear ones. Though there are many machines available which are designed for giving foot massage but there is no comparison to the foot massage given by a human hand. Though you can give simple massage by rubbing by hands but if you take some time to learn proper techniques of foot massage, it can do wonders to the person receiving it within the equal time and effort devoted.

Various foot massage techniques involve the applying concentrated pressure over some reflex points located on various parts of foot. Pressing these reflex points not only relaxes the pain and fatigue in foot but helps to relax whole body. It also prevents and treats many foot disorders. Foot actually carries points of all the nerves from toe to the head and all vital organs.

The therapy of pressing foot reflex points is known as reflexology which is different from foot massage. That is performed by some professional or expert reflexologist. What we are trying to aim here is foot massage which can be learnt by anyone and help tired feet feel relaxed.

Preparation before Foot Massage:

Before giving foot massage keep few things and mind and prepare accordingly for getting the best results.

If you are giving foot massage to other person, then make sure that foot to be massaged, is placed comfortably on a pillow or sofa and if you are giving massage to your own foot, then sit in a comfortable position and place your foot in your lap.

Play a soft music or meditation CD to get into the perfect relaxation mood which is required to aid massage. You can use any cream or oil for foot massage but if you use essential oils for massaging, it will be the best choice.

Before massage of foot, make the foot clean by soaking them in a foot soak containing Epsom salt. It is very good way to start a foot massage to de-stress. After foot soak, make sure that feet are dry, especially between toes.

Now let us have look at various foot massage techniques:


Stroking is a very relaxing technique for promoting gentle heat by stimulating blood vessels in your feet. For stroking, start from toes to ankle. Hold the foot in your hands and massage with your thumb using slow but firm motion of stroking. First make this movement from toe to ankle and then back from ankle to the toe, following the same line. But one thing is to be remembered here, the pressure applied on toes is less than that applied on the ankle. Perform this cycle of stokes for 5 times and perform same technique for the sole of foot.

Ankle Rotation

First loosen the ankle joint by moving the foot side by side. Hold the heel of the foot in your hand by making cup like motion and the by other hand, hold the ball of the foot. Now move the foot in circular motion, clock-wise in anti-clockwise. Repeat this cycle for 3-4 times and make sure to do it very gently. These counter motions will de-stress your senses and calm your nerves.


In this technique foot is hold in one hand and thumb of other hand is used to massage the sole of foot. First start with the area below the large toe and then gradually massage below other toes. After you have applied some pressure, you make movement like that of wiggling a thumb. This applying and releasing of pressure makes a very relaxing massage for foot.


Kneading is a movement done by knuckles. Hold foot from front in one hand and make a fist of other hand and press the sole of feet by knuckles. It is just like kneading dough. Do it by light pressing movements in rotations. Do not press too hard.

Finger Tapping

In this technique make movements by running finger slowly on the sole of foot. Do it in series, first covering a small area and then gradually covering whole foot. Start at the large toe.

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