Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips

Obesity is a worldwide problem nowadays. Obesity is not only a physical disorder; it is source to psychological problems. Fatness gives rise to many diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular strokes, hypothyroidism and many more. Being overweight also leads to infertility , sometimes. Obese people find it difficult to move in social circles also. It creates obstacles in their career ladder. Other people make fun of them especially if they are young. They feel tired by little physical exertion. There are various reasons of getting obese. It may be due to overeating, laziness, genetic tendency.

Obese people can definitely lose their weight. There are many ways to lose weight; the only thing they need is the desire and strong will power to lose weight. Let‘s us count few weight loss tips. If you follow these tips patiently, you are sure on path to lose weight. First , the person must figure out how much weight he or she needs to lose to get healthy body. Weight of a body depends upon height; you should calculate the BMI or body mass index to determine optimum weight for your body. You should have clear aim and idea about why should you want to lose weight. It can be self esteem, charming appearance, health or any other reason. First you should prepare yourself mentally for the changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.

First weight loss tip is to cut down on carbohydrates, oily and junk foods. Whenever you eat food, before that always eat two servings of fresh fruits and raw vegetables. It will cut down your surplus calories.

Never skip breakfast as after long hours of night, you feel hungry. If you have not taken breakfast, you will tend to overeat later during the day. It will increase fat deposition in body.

Try eating something at regular intervals to avoid binging. If you eat at irregular intervals, it will upset your diet. Divide your whole diet in small portions like you can have one orange or apple or any fruit at a time. Ensure that your stomach is not empty anytime.

Do not starve yourself any time; it will create urge to overeat anything which comes your way. This meal after starvation converts into pure fat in your body.

Eat your food slowly. Eating slowly not only helps you relish your food but also prevent you from overeating.

Drink a lot of water daily; it should be around 2-3 litres per day. It helps you to eat less without feeling hungry. Water helps you in digestion and flush out waste and toxins from body.

Besides controlling your diet, for permanent weight loss, exercising is must. You need to have regular routine of exercise. You must have five sessions of 30 minutes each per week. And if you do not have that much time at a stretch for exercise, you can have three sessions of 10 minutes each.

Walking is the best form of exercise which anybody can follow without learning it. It helps burn excess fat without much exertion.

Maintain a diary to keep track of what you have eaten today. It helps a lot while you are on a weight loss program. Maintaining a diary can let you know how much you ate and what were your emotions at that time. Through a food diary, you can know what kind of foods trigger your urge to eat more.

Mix one tsp honey and juice of ½ lemons in lukewarm water. Drink it daily , first thing , in the morning. It will help burn excess of fat in your body. You will notice a tremendous change in your weight.

Another addition to your weight loss program is the intake of natural herbs like gugguly, basil, garlic, butea for their anti obesity qualities.

You should include light aerobics in your daily routine for losing weight.

Another tried and tested way to lose weight is practicing yoga and pranayam (breathing technique of yoga). Yoga not only helps to lose weight but also ensure right fat on right places.

Meditation makes you calm and helps control your temptation to eat more.

Control your temptation to eat high calorie items like sweet dishes and dairy products, butter, cheese, refined flour items.

Cut down high calories, dairy products and sweet dishes. Instead, include pungent, bitter and astringent foods. Avoid butter, milky products, cheese and refined flour items.

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